My Favourite Diptyque Candle Scent


As a self-professed candle magpie, I do now own quite the collection of candles; which, although not healthy for my bank balance, means that I’m fairly well-versed in how to differentiate between a good candle, and a not so good’un. And, as it happens, this offering from Diptyque sits within the very good category. Diptyque is a brand that I would classify as very high-end; you can expect to pay upwards of £40 for their candles which, in all honesty, are on the quaint side compared to other brand’s candles, such as Yankee Candle’s large jar candles. And although the old saying that ‘you get what you pay for’ isn’t applicable to everything in the beauty world by any stretch of the imagination, I really do think that the quality of Diptyque’s candles is reflected in their pricing. Now, let’s talk about my fave of the bunch.

‘Figuier’ is the most beautiful warm yet fresh, fruity and figgy scent – ever. It smells almost pine cone-esque to me, but with the fruity notes of fig running throughout it. I think this would make a beautiful addition to anyone’s lounge, nook or bedroom, as I think this would be loved by both males and females; so if like me, you have a boyfriend who turns his nose up at sweet, girly (AKA snowflake cookie) candles, this is a candle you can both get on board with and enjoy! Much like all of Diptyque’s scent offerings; both fragrance and candle ranges, the scent is very sophisticated, complex and layered. Aside from the beautiful scent, the wax itself is excellent. The candles burn evenly; I’ve not had an issue with them tunneling thus far!

I find Diptyque candles to have the strongest scent throws; I find them to outshine even the likes of Jo Malone in this department. They are incredibly pungent, and the throw is even quite good without any burning at all!


Have you tried Diptyque’s candles? Do you have a fave scent? Jess x


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