The Perfect Valentine’s Day Bouquet




With a florist in the family, and a green-fingered mum, I’m very appreciative of beautiful flowers; even more so when they’re beautifully arranged! So when the lovely people at Blossoming Gifts kindly sent me a bouquet of flowers from their Valentine’s Day range, I promptly trimmed them and they’re now looking rather beautiful on my dressing table.

This bouquet is the ‘Pink Bunting’ bouquet, which is sadly out of stock, but if you’d like to check out Blossoming Gift’s range, you can check their website out here. The bouquets themselves are delivered in a sturdy, durable printed box and next day delivery is available if your order is placed before 9pm, which is always handy!

I adore this floral arrangement, which is made up of lilies, white roses and carnation flowers and adorned with foliage. And although the lilies haven’t yet opened, I think this bouquet is beautiful and balanced regardless. I also find the pricing to demonstrate great value for money, as this bouquet is priced at £26. I’d highly recommend Blossoming Gifts for the next special occasion or date in your diary!

Jess x



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