A Review of OUAI Haircare


*All PR samples, but I have since repurchased products from the line.

Well, damn. This is just about as good as hair care gets. As OUAI is quite the ‘of the moment’ brand at the minute with everyone and their Aunt Nelly seemingly coveting their products, I thought I’d share my thoughts on the brand, the products from it and if they’re worthy of the innumerable glowing reviews they’re receiving online! The line itself includes a bevy of styling formulas to cater to all hair types and so (without sounding too cliché), there really is something for everyone.

Firstly, I’m really drawn to this brand as its creator, Jen Atkin, has the kind of Parisian-girl hair vibe that I love so dearly and secondly, I’m all about shampoos and conditioners that are sulfate-free as I like to think that the days of damaging my hair in to oblivion are long gone. Sulfates allow for that satisfying lather and foaming action which, while giving the impression that they’re really doing a great job at cleansing the hair, actually dry the hair and strip it of its natural oils. I wash my hair every other day and after exclusively using the repair shampoo and conditioner (£22 each) for a couple of weeks, I noticed that my hair wasn’t as knotty when dry the following day. Knotty, brittle hair is often a result of sulfate-laden shampoos as the strip the hair and as such, I think this is why my hair has been a little more co-operative than usual since using this combo. After using the two together exclusively for two weeks, I’ve since been using them about once a week but am still noticing a difference in my hair.

And as much as I really do like the shampoo and conditioner, I really am head over heels for the hair oil (£24) and texturising spray (£22). On first impressions, I didn’t actually have high hopes for the hair oil because it doesn’t really have the same feel or consistency as any other hair oil or serum I’ve ever tried before. It felt more like a dry facial oil and so I didn’t really think it would do much for my hair. THE NAIVETY. This oil is i n c r e d i b l y lightweight and yet it is more nourishing than any other hair oil/serum I’ve ever tried. It also kind of doubles up as a hair perfume because the scent is like a musky, jasmine infused perfume. Much like the hair oil, the texturising spray is beautifully scented and I actually don’t bother with perfume when I use this in my hair because it does kind of double up as a fragrance and hair perfume. I’m not a lover of traditional hairsprays because I hate to feel product within my hair, but this is a kind of hairspray-mist/texturising spray hybrid; so while it offers texture and a bit of oomph to slightly lackluster hair, it offers hold without any ‘crispy’ texture.

jess hair

I used the shampoo & conditioner, hair oil & texturising spray in this photo.

Admittedly, I don’t often use the soft mousse (£22) all that often and I definitely don’t think it’s for everyone. I personally like to use this when my hair is frizzy and a hair wash is long overdue, because for me, it brings back that smoothness and softness of freshly washed hair. I wouldn’t use this if I were in a rush, but I like it for if I’m pushed for time but need my hair to look as though it hasn’t been been in a greasy pineapple bun for the last two days – know what I mean?

And finally, we have the treatment masque (£25), which, rather handily, is separated in to individual sachets. I love this stuff, but the sachets don’t work for me; I find them to be great for when I’m travelling, on weekends away or on holiday, but I would love it if there were an option for the masque to be packaged in a standard tub for ease of use at home; simply for the fact that it can be quite fiddly opening two sachets with wet hands in the shower, and I personally need to use two sachets as my hair is fairly long and thick! The masque itself is gorgeously emollient and thick and I find that my hair is much more manageable for a couple of days after having used it. I really do have very knotty, unruly hair and I find this to be one of the only hair masks that truly works.

So, that’s my review of OUAI Haircare products! Have you tried anything from this line? Jess x


7 thoughts on “A Review of OUAI Haircare

  1. I’ve been fascinated by this brand for a while so enjoyed reading your review! The products sound really impressive, especially the oil. And your hair looks amazing – although you did have fairy princess hair to begin with! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

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