My Spring Makeup Medley


*This post contains PR samples (Clarins blush)

I can only make so many excuses for my intermittent monthly makeup menu posts but, the truth of the matter is that in reality, I don’t tend to switch up the entirety of the contents of my makeup bag on a monthly basis! But after having recently sorted through my overflowing makeup collection and having found myself in the possession of a couple of new spring-appropriate makeup bits, I thought I’d talk you through the makeup medley that I’ll be sporting throughout my favourite season of them all!

It’s no secret around these parts that I tend to favour complexion products that offer minimal coverage, but maximum hydration and so I’ve fallen back in love with my bareMinerals Complexion rescue which, although marketed as a fancy-sounding ‘tinted hydrating gel cream’, is really just a tinted moisturiser. It is, however, a beautiful tinted moisturiser and offers a really nice medium coverage and its incredibly creamy, emollient formula makes it a dream to work with.

I know a lot of people tend to shy away from it for fear of looking like a porcelain clown doll, but I think that a pop of blush on the cheeks just livens and brightens the complexion and face like nothing else can. Cream blush is one of my favourite products in the whole wide world, and I love No7’s pop & glow cream blush stick in rose blossom, which is a beautiful cool-toned petal pink shade. Much like the No7 blush stick, the new Clarins skin illusion blush pot in luminous pink (I’m wearing this in the above photo) is also a very cool-toned powder/petal pink and although it’s a powder formula, it is so incredibly silky and smooth that it acts in the same way as a cream.

I don’t mind telling you that I’m not a fan of Benefit whatsoever, but as a fan of non-obnoxious highlighters; particularly cream highlighters, I did fancy trying their watts up highlight stick out. I’m very, very particular with highlighters, but this is actually really nice. It offers that perfect champagne-y iridescence that I love, it blends seamlessly, and layers nicely without caking up.

I’m always hesitant to talk about By Terry because I know that their price points are sky high and although I only have a couple of products from them myself (££££££), makeup is just makeup and so I feel a bit iffy about recommending a brand that sells a £78 foundation! Aside from the shudder-worthy price tags, I do really love these two products from By Terry; the first of which being the cult classic ombre blackstar in misty rock, which is the most beautiful amethyst-mauve colour that is so beautifully iridescent that it catches the light and brightens the eyes. And for lips in the spring and summer time, I love their hyaluronic sheer nude lipstick in nude pulp, which is the most hydrating lipstick I’ve tried thus far!

Have you tried any of these products? Jess x


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