Why I Love The New Clarins Hydra-Essentiel Range So Much




If you were to have a flick through my blog post archives, you would notice that posts on the topic of skincare are fairly intermittent and few and far between on my blog, which is both intentional and something that I can’t ever see changing. I personally find the idea of continuously introducing new skincare products in to your routine redundant and, in all honesty, I’m a firm believer that the skincare industry is bulging at the seams with unnecessary products. And although I’m a huge lover of cleansers, moisturisers, AHAs and oils, I’m also aware that my very good skin is down to the fact that I have ‘good skin genes’ and no amount of skincare can emulate that.

However, some skincare releases really do catch my eye and appeal to me in a way that very few do; which is just what happened with the new Hydra-Essentiel range from Clarins which, if you didn’t know, is a replacement of their cult HydraQuench range. I was sent these two products on the 9th of March, so have now been testing them for three weeks exclusively as a part of my skincare regime; and when I say exclusively, I mean that I have only been using these two products, along with a cleanser and liquid exfoliator that my skin knows and loves as my skincare routine for the past three weeks! Also worthy of note here, and for reference, is a quick run-down of my skin; I have very good, normal skin that can be prone to dryness and dehydration if I neglect it, but I’m not prone to spots or blemishes at all and my skin tone is very even in general.

I was initially attracted to these products because although I do, admittedly, have very good skin, it can be prone to dullness, dehydration and dryness depending on the weather and the environment that I’m in. This Hydra-Essentiel range was developed with the intention of combating the dehydration that we are exposed to on a daily basis as a result of our modern lifestyles and the sudden changes in environment and temperature that our skin faces every day such as air conditioning, central heating, strong winds in the outdoors and hot showers and/or baths. Clarins turned to the power of plants to seek a remedy for this, and discovered the organic leaf of life in its native Madagascar, which is a plant that although exposed to sudden and dramatic changes in temperature, remains full of water and retains its moisture at all times. Naturally, Clarins sought to incorporate this wonderful plant in to their skincare line to boost the skin’s natural hydration and production of hyaluronic acid, and so the Hydra-Essentiel range was born.

The Silky Cream (£36 but is available for around £30 on various sites) – Although I really do like the bi-phase serum from this range, the silky cream is the product that I love the dearest and will be purchasing myself after having finished this pot. I do wish that the packaging was in tube or bottle form, and I know that many people take issue with skincare housed in jars, but as this cream is formulated with preservatives, has a plastic seal cover and tight lid, and I keep it in a dark drawer and always have thoroughly clean hands before touching/using any of my skincare, I don’t mind all too much. As for the cream itself, it is absolutely beautiful. It is incredibly rich, emollient, buttery and is a dehydrated girl’s dream. I’ve noticed that after having been outside when windy and rather chilly for a few hours, my skin still feels hydrated and not tight or dry-looking in any way, which is something that is rare for me to find with moisturisers. And although this is really quite an emollient, thick moisturiser, I also find a light layer of foundation to apply beautifully over the top, too.

The Bi-Phase Serum (£44 but available for £38 on various sites) – I tend to favour oils over serums as I feel that oils offer my skin more, and are more nourishing, but I do think that this serum is an excellent example of how serums should be done. It’s incredibly lightweight in consistency while having the slip of a traditional facial oil, and although said consistency is fairly watery, it does feel very hydrating when patted in to the skin.

I find it quite hard to keep on top of my skin throughout the latter part of winter as the central heating and cold, blustering winds outside leave my skin parched and dull looking, but I really feel that these two products (particularly the silky cream) have brought my skin back to its former glory and it’s looking really great, hydrated and plump since having introduced them in to my skincare routine!

Jess x


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