How To Take The Perfect Flatlay


In all honesty, I was a little hesitant over giving this blog post the title ‘how to take a perfect flatlay’ because I feel as though it’s suggestive of the idea that I think of myself as the most perfect flatlay-taking photographer in the blogosphere, which, unfortunately, is far far from true! So, what I’m really trying to say is – please take this title and post with a pinch of salt; I’ll just be sharing with you a few of the tips and tricks that I’ve learned throughout my blog photography experience!

Add & build layers with the use of props and texture – To add dimension and interest to an otherwise simplistic flatlay, adding and building layers through the use of different textures and props is a great way of doing so. As you can (hopefully) see from the photo I’ve used in this post, I’ve done this by adding in a silky, floral embroidered scarf, some faux peonies, pearls and dried rose petals.

Stay true to your aesthetic – To keep your flatlay cohesive and aesthetically pleasing, I think it’s a really nice idea to keep within your aesthetic in terms of said props and textures. I tend to lean towards and favour a rosy-hued kind of aesthetic, so I find that rose gold accents, flowers, petals and feminine fabrics are really complimentary.

Bright & light backgrounds – Not only does this draw focus onto the products within the flatlay, but it also helps to intensify the saturation of the colour of said products and is, in general, more pleasing on the eye (I find!)

Composition – Is the photo balanced? Is it heavier in some areas than others? A well balanced flatlay is the best kind of flatlay in my opinion!

Shoot from above –  I know, I know – this seems so obvious for a flatlay! But when I made my first flatlay attempts, I underestimated just how ‘above’ you need to be! A perfect bird’s eye view is a difficult thing to master’ particularly if you’re vertically challenged! I find that the further I am (vertically) away from the actual flatlay, the better my photo, so I tend to stand on chairs and beds and all kinds of furniture to get as high as possible to get a perfect BOV!

Everyones’ preferences are different, so if you disagree with some of the points I’ve talked about here/suggested, no worries! But I hope this was helpful for some of you! Jess x



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