The Body Shop’s Almond Milk & Honey Range


*These products were kindly gifted to me by The Body Shop

While new beauty brands may come and go, and new releases perpetually being introduced to the market, there are just some brands that we’ll have a soft spot and fondness for, regardless. For me, one of those brands is The Body Shop; a brand that I go back to time and time again and I truly get excited when they release new ranges, products and scents! And although I get that it’s only logical that some of the ranges don’t all make it to the permanent line and so just remain ‘limited edition’, they always seem to discontinue my fave ranges such as the mojito and vanilla brulee ranges, which is a tad pesky. In short, I really hope this range remains within the permanent line and doesn’t disappear come winter time!

This collection is catered towards those of us with sensitive, dry skin and the range features community-trade almond oil from Spain, community-trade honey from Ethiopia and organic almond milk – lovely. What I really love about this range (aside from the scent and the creamy consistency of everything) is that The Body Shop have stayed true to their ‘sensitive skin-friendly’ claims as the products don’t feature any sort of mineral oil, silicones, fragrance and colourants, which is great.

On to the products themselves – they work. The Body Shop know body care and I knew what to expect from the hand cream, shower cream, cleansing bar and body butter formulas, but I wasn’t sure what to expect scent-wise. I’m not usually a fan of honey in the scent department as I always find it to be quite sickly and overpowering, and whilst I think that if you have a really strong dislike for honey, you’d probably be better going for another range from The Body Shop, I’d say give it a whiff if you’re unsure. You really can detect the scent of honey, but it’s more so a hint of honey and doesn’t overpower the almond milk scent. It’s also not too sweet, but is sweet enough that it’s incredibly comforting, soft and makes for a beautiful scent to go for on a pamper night. Everything smells very creamy, subtle and the consistency of all of these products; as you’d expect from a range targeted towards dry skin, is very buttery, rich and hydrating.

I would highly recommend this range (particularly the body butter and shower cream) to anyone who enjoys soft, subtle scents and decadent, rich and hydrating formulas! Jess x


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