My Budapest Photo Diary

As a sort of birthday present to myself this year, I spent a few days in Budapest and, as I do with anywhere my wanderlust takes me, I took my trusty Olympus E-PL7 with me in the hopes of capturing great memories, scenic shots and anything that caught my eye along my travels. Aside from being incredibly beautiful, Budapest really is a very unique place and I know that I will visit it many more times in the future! My highlight of the trip? The thermal bath in the Rudas Baths; no description I give here could do it justice so if you’re intrigued, I’d suggest googling it! If you haven’t yet decided on a location for your next getaway, make sure it’s Budapest!

IMG_20170421_085525_775Matthias ChurchIMG_20170420_161849_656-1St Stephen’s Basilica IMG_20170421_085806_315A gift shop selling traditional Hungarian folk gifts near the Fisherman’s Bastion.IMG_20170421_114301_153IMG_20170420_162026_882-1St Stephen’s Basilica – I loved visiting here! It was reminiscent of St Peter’s Basilica in Rome (although not quite as majestic or large)!IMG_20170421_085031_029The Hungarian Parliament Building IMG_20170421_085926_001IMG_20170421_084648_648IMG_20170421_084346_591IMG_20170421_084740_317St Stephen’s Basilica IMG_20170421_114118_675IMG_20170421_084446_494IMG_20170421_090614_972IMG_20170421_084935_353The Fisherman’s Bastion – I loved the gothic-esque turrets here and the gorg view, of course!IMG_20170421_115905_743

IMG_20170418_175048_279The Rudas Thermal Bath (I would seriously fly to Budapest just to visit this bath!)*

IMG_20170421_085204_574IMG_20170421_085621_579The roof of the Matthias Church – doesn’t it look like a hand-sewn tapestry!?

IMG_20170421_090257_707IMG_20170421_090146_467IMG_20170421_090455_951buda 1The view of Budapest from The Citadella*IMG_20170421_090825_867IMG_20170421_090723_988IMG_20170421_090100_979IMG_20170421_090936_874IMG_20170421_091032_355

I really hope you enjoyed looking through some of my favourite photos from my trip to Budapest! Jess x

* These photos are not mine! I wasn’t able to take a photo of the Rudas thermal bath as there were a lot of naked women there but I still wanted to include a photo! I wasn’t able to take my camera to the Citadella, but again, I wanted to include a photo.


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