The Most Beautiful Cream Highlighter Of Them All



I confess: I don’t like Benefit as a brand. And to perfectly illustrate this, I’ll tell you a story about where this feeling of hostility stems from. Before I got a job as a beauty consultant for Dior and Burberry whilst at Uni, I had a trial day at Benefit (the last part of the interview process) and actually voluntarily walked away half way through as I took a serious disliking to their degrading customer approach method, the cringe-worthy scripts you’re obliged to stick to whilst with customers and condescending employees and area managers. PHEW. I digress; as much as I dislike Benefit’s approach as a company, I’m here to write about their absolutely beautiful highlighter and why I love it so much!

I much prefer cream highlighters to powders; for me, as beautiful as they can be, powder highlighters can never look as natural and as one with the skin as a good cream highlight. And although ILIA’s moonbeams & polka dots stick has been a first-placer in the cream highlight department for quite a while now, Watt’s Up has now taken first place for the foreseeable future because it offers just a little more champagney warmth that’s so perfect for spring!

As always with my individual beauty product reviews, I like to look at the amount of product we’re getting for our money and how it compares with similar offerings on the market. For 9.4 grams, Watt’s Up is priced at £25.50 and, as a similar product for a point of comparison, NARS’s Multiple Stick in ‘copacabana’ offers 14 grams for £29. So, for Benefit’s cream highlight stick, we’re paying £2.71 per gram, and for NARS’s, we’re paying £2.07 per gram which is surprising to me, as although Benefit isn’t an ‘affordable’ brand, I consider NARS to be more of a higher end brand than Benefit. So, the price to product ratio isn’t worthy of celebration, but I’ll leave you to make of that what you will!

The product itself looks beautiful on the skin and the formula is everything you could ever want from a cream highlight; it’s not greasy at all, but melts in to and becomes one with the skin. It offers that opalescent sheen that looks incredibly natural and makes the skin look really healthy as it catches the light beautifully. I’m always hesitant to call a product ‘universally flattering’, but I do think this is as close as it gets, as I can see this would suit both warm and cool complexions because of the slight peach undertone.

The longevity is good on me, but I do have very normal skin and so I think that if you have overly oily skin, the staying power might not be as good. And because I love a good multi-tasker, this also works beautifully as a cream eyeshadow!

Have you tried this product? Jess x



12 thoughts on “The Most Beautiful Cream Highlighter Of Them All

  1. I have a mini of this from a Benefit set and I’m yet to use it on my face, and I’m not sure why. Well, I am, it’s because I never use cream products. It looks so natural on your face though that I think I need to get it out!

    Sophie x | Essential Twenty

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