The Clarins Summer 2017 Makeup Collection



After having very kindly been sent a few pieces from this new collection, I’ve been using said pieces for the past few weeks and am finally sitting down and writing a post all about them!

The collection in question is the summer sunkissed 2017 collection, featuring a plethora of products to choose from; four of which I have to share with you today! And although all four now reside within my daily makeup bag, the bronzer and mint lip oil have taken joint first place as favourites in my current makeup bag.

The bronzer’s amber compact packaging is absolutely beautiful and, much like the outer compact, the pan of bronzer inside is embossed with a botanical palm print and features three, matte bronzing shades all differing in tone, and a coral blush that looks to me as though it’s a setting sun! Something that I feel worthy of note here is the value for money; there is a whopping 20g of product in this large compact for £27 (currently on offer down from £30 on the Clarins site), which is more than double the product we see in other popular bronzers e.g. NARS’s Laguna Bronzer is £29 for 8g of product! The bronzer formulation itself is superb and I find it to be the most flattering tone and shade of bronze that I’ve ever used on my complexion. It applies beautifully over non-powdered skin, it looks incredibly natural whilst making you look like you’ve just come back from a two week Bali vacay and demonstrates really great value for money; what more could a girl ask for?

I’ve yet to read or see a bad word on the Instant Light Lip Comfort Oils from Clarins, and from personal experience with them, I can understand why. They are a joy to use and the formula is just so exquisitely nourishing and offers that really gorgeous, flattering high-shine effect. Although they do definitely feel oily, I would describe them as a gel-oil hybrid – not quite a gloss, but not quite a full-blown oil either. I do love these, but my quarrel with them is that they are £19 and because I find myself re-applying them throughout the day (and evening), the lip oil itself goes down quickly. I have mint and honey; the vibrant blue colouring of ‘mint’ may be off-putting but it actually has no real pigmentation to it and is, instead, wonderfully refreshing and minty. ‘Honey’ smells, as the name suggests, of honey and although the shimmer particles running throughout it rings alarm bells at first, they don’t sit on top of the lip and so you’re left with a subtle hint of shimmer that just looks very high-shine and glossy to the naked eye.

And lastly, the gold waterproof eye liner is a beautiful golden bronze shade that I really enjoy because I find it to enhance my blue eyes in a really flattering way and the liner itself is fairly creamy, but is still waxy enough to keep its shape well.

What do you think of this collection? Jess x


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