A Spring Beauty Wishlist

beauty wishlist final

As ever, and unfortunately for my bank balance, my beauty wishlist is long, ever-growing and spiralling out of control; however, I am very good with my money and saving it, so I’m not too worried just yet! As much as I would love to be able to purchase all of the above, car insurance, fuel and my ridiculously pricey contact lens prescription have to take priority, but I really do love reading wishlist posts so I hope that you do too!

Herbivore’s Coco Rose Body Polish – I’ve long lusted after this brand and in particular, this body scrub. The scent blend of rose and coconut sounds heavenly to me and as a body scrub lover, everything about this product sounds dreamy. Aside from the fact that this isn’t easily/readily available in the UK, it’s also pricey at £30, which I just can’t justify as I’m always quite liberal with my body scrub application!

Dior’s BB creme – I have actually purchased this since writing this post, and I have little to no regrets (apart from the £££). When I used to work for Dior, this always took my fancy and although I only ever used it a couple of times on counter, I never really fully tested it out and as we’re now approaching the warmer months, I fancied a new, lighter base and this just so happens to be a product that I only ever hear great things about.

Origins Flower Fusion Sheet Masks – I don’t think that sheet masks demonstrate great value for money as a whole, but I just think that they make for a really lovely pampering treat and are so easy and fun to use. I’ll admit to being quite taken with the packaging, but the ingredients sound fab and great for skin in need of a little nourishment.

L’Oreal’s Flower Cleansing Milk – I love to use gels and milks as the second part of my double cleanse in the evenings where I’ve worn makeup throughout the day and I think this is one of the better skincare releases I’ve seen from L’Oreal in the past few months. This also has really great reviews online and as you’d expect from L’Oreal, the price tag is gentle at £5.99 for 400ml!

SachaJuan’s Ocean Mist Shampoo – I believe this brand originates from Sweden, and the fact that the ingredients within their formulas are derived from sea algae has always appealed to me! I’m also drawn to the beaauutiful aqua blue colouring of their ocean mist range, but the shampoo is of particular interest because I’ve yet to use a shampoo that gives me texture as opposed to sleek-ness. I think I’ve just always been a little hesitant to hand over £20 for it because it’s a ‘texturising’ shampoo and so I’ve always worried that it might make my hair dry and unmanageable!

By Terry’s Sun Designer Palette – Isn’t it just the most beautiful palette you’ve laid your eyes upon? It looks like my perfect face palette, and I’m reeeaally struggling with not placing it in my online Space NK shopping basket! The £65 price tag is making me hold out for an offer or discount of some sort though…

Have you tried any of these products? What’s currently on your wishlist? Jess x



4 thoughts on “A Spring Beauty Wishlist

  1. The L’Oreal cleansing milk sounds lovely – I haven’t used anything like that for a while, but for £5.99 I think I need to pick it up 🙂

    Claire | Vanity Claire xx

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