A Mini High End Makeup Haul


I don’t often treat myself to new beauty bits but when I do, I seemingly lose my mind and think it perfectly acceptable to spend nearly £30 on a Chanel liquid lipstick! I did also have a £10 voucher lying around my bedroom, which helped to justify the hauling activity – sort of.

After writing up my spring beauty wishlist post, I spied that a couple of online stockists had a 10% discount on the Dior Nude BB Creme, and so I swiftly added one to my online shopping basket! I’ve only been testing this out for a couple of days so far, but I’ll post an in-depth review of it within the next couple of weeks.

I think it’s fair to say that no liquid lipstick on the market is worthy of a £28 price tag, but I do like to collect the odd Chanel makeup product and because I don’t have too many statement lip products within my collection, I thought I’d purchase one of their newly released Rouge Allure Ink Lip Colour A.K.A liquid lipstick. I find raspberry toned reds to flatter my skin and hair tone the most, so I went with the shade Séduisant. I typically tend to hate anything reminiscent of a liquid lipstick, because I hate for my lips to have a layer of dry, crepey product on them, but these appealed to me because a lot of online reviews lead me to believe that these settled down to a velvet finish rather than a matte, drying finish. Again, I’ll be writing a review of this soon with swatches, but so far, I’m really, really impressed with the formula of this; it’s nothing like any other liquid lipstick I’ve tried and I’m rather annoyed by it all because I’m now wanting to spend another £28 on a nude option within the line!

And for both good measure and because it’s getting a bit sunnier in the UK, I was on the hunt for a new cream highlighter and Benefit’s Watts Up ticks all of my boxes. I’ve recently posted an in-depth review of this, which you can read here, but I really do love this in spite of the fact that I dislike Benefit as a company!

Have you tried any of these products? Jess x


4 thoughts on “A Mini High End Makeup Haul

  1. I don’t own any Chanel, but there a few bits catching my eye at the moment. Benefit Watt’s Up is beautiful though; I definitely need to use it more!

    Sophie x | Essential Twenty

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