The Makeup & Skincare Anti-Haul

anti haul 2

Getting a bit tired of the excessive consumerism that’s being perpetually thrown in our faces by various bloggers and youtubers who seemingly have a money tree growing in their back garden? All joking aside, I love the concept behind these anti-hauls that promote mindful consumerism and throw bubble-head consumerism outta the window! And as a side note, my ‘anti-hauling’ of these products doesn’t reflect how I feel about each of the brands featured; for example, NARS is probably my fave brand of all time and my Hourglass highlighter is my fave one of all time, but these particular products just don’t cut the mustard for me.

Benefit’s Duo Eyeshadow Blenders – EYE ROLL x10. I really hate Benefit’s gimicky marketing, but these take the biscuit and then some. Do we really need a shitty round sponge to help us to apply two shadows both in the crease and the lid of the eye? This product is almost insulting and I have no idea why they would even think this was a good idea.

La Mer’s Cleansing Micellar Water – First of all, micellar water cannot be cleansing because it isn’t a cleanser – it’s a makeup remover. Secondly, £70? NO SIREE. £70 for a micellar water that is going to be in contact with my skin for around 10 seconds before I wipe it off? No, no, no, no, NO.

Sunday Riley’s C.E.O. Cream – A vitamin C based cream packaged in a tub/jar? No. That is completely redundant; the exposure to air and light is going to render that vitamin C useless. This stuff is £60 and has a shelf life of just 3 months………I’ll say no more.

Hourglass’s Vanish Stick Foundation – This really does look like a nice foundation, but the price to product ratio is why it’s in an anti-haul post rather than a haul post. This foundation is £42 for 7.2g, which is a tiiiiiiny amount of product. As a point of comparison, Makeup Forever’s stick foundation is around £29 and you get 12.5g of product, and many people complain that it doesn’t last for a long time so I can’t imagine how long the Hourglass one lasts for!

NARS’s Banc De Sable Highlighter Palette – NARS is probably my favourite makeup brand, so it really pains me to include something from their line in an anti-haul! This palette is marketed as a ‘universally flattering’ highlighter palette, which is exactly the problem with it. The warmth and golden hue of the last two highlighters would not flatter those with a fair complexion, and in the same vein, I can’t imagine that the first shade would look flattering on someone with a really rich, dark complexion either!

Hope you enjoyed this! Have you got anything on your anti-haul list at the minute? Jess x



6 thoughts on “The Makeup & Skincare Anti-Haul

  1. Couldn’t agree more about the overwhelming consumerism that seems to have replaced good advice about where to invest hard-earned dollars when it comes to beauty and fashion. Hopefully blogs and channels like ours can help steer that back around!

  2. I definitely enjoy the antihaul and totally agree with you on promoting anti-consumerism. It’s ridiculous how much we have literally been consumed by consumerism. It’s definitely not sustainable. Companies keep producing because they know we will buy. And many of us buy regardless of the price. Ha!

    1. Yep I agree! I never really buy new releases because I just take a step back and think 1. do I really need this? 2. do I really want to spend £50 on a palette I’ll rarely use? 3. will I still want it in 3 months time? Usually, the answer is no to all 3 haha! x

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