The Best Face Mask For Unhappy, Dull Skin

IMG_20170526_154658_631OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIMG_20170526_155311_438-1I’m not sure if it’s the exposure to the air pollution or the dust and general grubbiness of the underground, but every time I arrive home after having spent time in London, my skin always looks lacklustre and, well, just a bit unhappy. My skin is very good, very normal and so I knew that when three spots suddenly emerged a couple of weeks ago after spending a couple of days in the Capital, I needed to help my poor skin rid itself of the dirt and grime festering beneath the service! Coincidentally, it just so happened that the lovely PR team at The Body Shop had sent over the new(ish) Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask for me to try out; so my unhappy skin and three spots were really a blessing in disguise because I could test out just how well the mask really worked!

As always, I like to be really thorough in reviewing skincare products so I’ll start with the ingredients list and attempt to decode it! Although this is marketed as a clay mask, I think it’s important to note that there are a hella load of different clays used in masks such as rhassoul, bentonite, French green clay and kaolin; all of which are targeted towards different skin types. Bentonite clay based masks tend to be too harsh on my skin, so I was relieved to see ‘kaolin’ and ‘Moroccan lava clay’ (or rhassoul clay as it’s more commonly known) on the ingredients list! Kaolin and rhassoul are great clays for just about every skin type as they’re fairly gentle and more moisturising than clays such as bentonite. I did also notice that ‘magnesium silicate’ is listed as the fourth ingredient on the ingredients list which I just thought I’d mention for those with overly sensitive skin as it has been known to aggravate highly sensitive skin; although my sister has fairly sensitive skin and it didn’t bother her skin. As always with The Body Shop, the ingredients list is really nice and doesn’t feature any alien ingredients that sound like something in an industrial cleaning product which can only be a good thing!

Alongside the kaolin and Moroccan lava clay, the mask also includes bamboo charcoal, organic tea tree oil and green tea leaves, which are really nice because they act as a really gentle physcial exfoliant when removing the mask. The mask itself feels really cooling and tingly upon application (I’m putting that down to the tea tree oil) and dries down fairly quickly. You could of course just use your fingers to apply this but TBS also really kindly sent me their Facial Mask Brush, which although I know a lot of people would deem unnecessary, actually makes application a lot smoother, easier, cleaner, and is also really easy to clean! If you’re an avid mask user, namely clay based masks, then I really think this brush is an essential in your skincare cupboard as it makes the whole process easier, product doesn’t get everywhere, and it allows for a really even application of said product. I leave this on for around 15 minutes and after having made the mistake of removing it with a white flannel the first time around, I now just rinse it off in circular motions with my hands so as to allow the tea leaves to work their exfoliation magic!

After the first time using this, my blemishes were noticeably less noticeable (tongue twister!) and my skin looked almost back to its normal self. I’ve used this mask six times since then, and each time, my skin looks perkier, more even in texture, and I haven’t felt the need to reach for any of my acid toners/exfoliators. And I know this isn’t a comparison post, but this mask is what I hoped the Glamglow Youth Mud Mask would be; this mask is far more effective and offers 25g more product for less than half the price of the Glamglow mask! Of course, it’s the product inside that counts, but I really love and appreciate the tinted glass jar packaging which feels quite luxe and spa-esque. The Body Shop is a brand that’s yet to disappoint me and I think one that is worthy of any beauty lover’s support; their ingredients, ethics and range of products are all so great.

If your skin is looking a bit unhappy and blemished, I would highly recommend picking this up! For £16, the 75g of product, quality and effectiveness is great!

These products were kindly sent to me by The Body Shop as PR samples, but regardless of whether products are purchased by myself or gifted as PR samples, please know that my reviews are always honest and unbiased! Jess x


6 thoughts on “The Best Face Mask For Unhappy, Dull Skin

  1. This sounds really good, I’ve never used a body shop face mask before. I need a new one though xx

  2. I read plenty of reviews on this one and it sounds amazing, if only we had a Body Shop here so I could try it!! Great review xx


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