Five Things To Add To Your To-Do List This Spring & Summer


Book a weekend getaway – I realise, of course, that everyone’s budgets allow for different kinds of trips, but whether your personal budget allows for a trip to Brighton or to Paris, a weekend getaway is one of life’s great pleasures to me. Not only is it a great opportunity to explore somewhere new or a new culture, it’s a great form of escapism and allows for a little perspective and relaxation.

Go on a picnic and make the food yourself – Challenge yourself to make a quiche, sausage rolls or homemade lemonade, and enjoy your hard (but fun) work whilst soaking up the sun!


Treat yourself to a beautiful bunch of flowers, and when they’ve passed their ‘best by’ date, try flower pressing – There’s nothing quite like a bunch of beautiful flowers to brighten up a room, is there? I always think that there’s something special about having flowers delivered to your doorstep and supporting skilled floristy, and so next time you’re looking to treat yourself or a loved one to a beautiful bouquet, I’d highly recommend Appleyard London; their peonies (photographed above) are particularly beautiful and the box in which they arrive is equally as beautiful! I love pressing flowers too, because it’s a really lovely way of enjoying spring-time flowers throughout the year, and preserving your once fresh and alive bouquet. They also look beautiful when framed and inject a bit of colour in to any room! There are plenty of tutorials online and it’s so easy to do without any kind of specialist equipment!

Spring clean your beauty collection – This may sound like a chore, but it’s actually really quite fun! From rediscovering old favourites, to ending up with the most aesthetically pleasing, organised collection, spring cleaning your beauty stash is worth the effort!

Take a trip to a new stately home – I love visiting stately homes for the almost whimsical sense of history, architecture and the gardens that are always so beautifully managed and cared for. With a picnic basket in one hand and a sense of adventure in the other, exploring a new stately home is a really great thing to do on the weekend!

Do you have anything to add to this list? 🙂 Jess x



2 thoughts on “Five Things To Add To Your To-Do List This Spring & Summer

  1. Never thought of pressing flowers! You should probably teach us how to press flowers. That’d be nice! Great post! I enjoy getting away alone and going on picnics of dates by myself! Will definitely be doing a lot of that this summer

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