My Thoughts On A Few Nanshy Brushes


With a brush collection consisting of brushes from the likes of Bobbi Brown, Louise Young, Sigma, Zoeva, Japonesque, MAC and various other brands, I like to think that I’m able to now differentiate between an average brush and an outstanding one! So after having used these Nanshy brushes throughout the last couple of months, I’m now able to share my thoughts on them with you!

Upon first impression, and although I do really like the pearly white handles, I was curious as to whether they would become grubby; but after having used them for around 2 months now, I haven’t found them to stain in any way, which I think is because the finish of the white handles is glossy as opposed to being matte and more likely to attract the grubiness.

I’ve always personally found that makeup brushes on the more affordable side of the market are more likely to be stiffer, scratchier and more underwhelming in terms of quality and consistency than their higher end counterparts, but these brushes really are incredibly soft and have a lot of movement to them. And although they do have a lot of movement and don’t have that stiffness to them, they hold their shape well after washing. It’s unusual to find synthetic haired brushes that aren’t easy to clean, but the product used on them can quite often stain the hair if it’s of poor quality, but these brushes clean so easily which is impressive given that the mid to lengths of the brush heads are white!

The buffed base is now my every day brush of choice for foundations, BB creams and tinted moisturisers; largely because it ensures an entirely streak-free application and is so soft, quick, easy and doesn’t soak up too much product as a lot of other kabuki style brushes tend to do.

Although I do actually love the Blush Brush for bronzing and applying foundation if I fancy lightening the coverage, I don’t really understand why it’s marketed as a blush brush. I personally find it to be too large and dense for blush application! Marketing/naming issue aside, I love this brush for bronzing.

The Large Blending Eyeshadow Brush is now sat firmly in the can’t-live-without category; it blends eyeshadow so effortlessly, is incredibly soft, and is easily one of the fluffiest blending brushes I’ve encountered!

And lastly, I have the angled detailer brush. I tend to reach for this when I want a less precise, more natural looking brow because it isn’t as firm as others in my collection, but I actually prefer it for lining my upper lash line and creating creating smokey wing, which is my go-to eye makeup look.

These brushes are all at such a great price point, and really do offer the kind of quality that rivals my higher end brushes. If you’re missing any brushes in your collection or are looking for more affordable alternatives, I would highly recommend looking at Nanshy! Jess x





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