Two Hair Styling Favourites For Dry Ends & Limp Roots



Admittedly, I’m a little lazy in the hair styling department; I tend to just go with the flow and throw a few loose curls in my hair, but these two gems make my hair styling life a whole lot easier with minimal effort required. If, like me, you’d prefer not to faff around with a million and one mousses, sprays and lotions and like easy-going products that are completely fail safe and hair-noob friendly, you might just fall in love with these two products as I have!

The first of which, being the OUAI Texturising Hair Spray*. Generally speaking, I really dislike hair sprays in their traditional form; they make my hair feel crispy and stiff, but this is a sort of texturising spray-hair spray-dry shampoo hybrid. The formula itself contains volcanic minerals, which work to absorb excess oil and so this makes for a great ‘third day hair’ product; it’s not as grease/oil absorbing as something like Batiste, but it makes my hair feel a lot cleaner and less powdery than a straight up dry shampoo, which I really like. I just love misting this in the roots of my hair when things are looking a little limp and lifeless; it offers a gentle hint of oomph without being too OTT; it smells wonderful (as all OUAI products do), and it’s free from sodium chloride which is always a positive in my books!

On the more affordable end of the spectrum, I also really love Lee Stafford’s Coco Loco Heat Protection Spray*, which I use prior to styling my hair with my curling tong. And although I have no real way of measuring the strength of my hair after having used this for a couple of weeks, I do find that the ends of my hair are a lot softer and less brittle after spritzing this on to the lengths of it. Call me a coconut scent snob, but I love that this smells reminiscent of the real thing as opposed to that real artificial, plastic-esque coconut scent that so many other brands on the market offer. And even though this is formulated with coconut oil; ergo very nourishing and moisturising, I find it to be really lightweight and the mist of the spray itself is fine so the product is dispersed evenly. I also love that this spray is formulated with 0%  alcohol; which I’ve always found a hard thing to come by with a lot of heat protection products. I’d highly recommend this to those of you with drier ends; particularly if you love coconut-scented products!

*PR samples

Have you tried these products? What are your hair care/hair styling faves at the min? Jess x



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