The Flatlay Subscription Box For Bloggers



Aside from having taken these flat lay photos hunched over on a stool and subsequently becoming very hot, bothered and sweaty on a 30°c day, I actually really enjoyed putting this post together; mostly because I think this whole concept is brilliant, current and perfect for fellow bloggers!

The lovely people from The Little Box of Flatlay very kindly sent me their latest subscription box, and although I had no real preconceived ideas about what would be inside the box, I was so pleasantly surprised with the contents of my box and the general aesthetic of the packaging. I really feel as though so much thought has gone in to the creation of these boxes, and I got that immediate overwhelming sense of them being lovingly curated and packaged. Upon arrival, the box itself was adorned with beautiful calligraphy-esque typography, reading ‘flatlay love’, and was sealed with ‘Little Box of Flatlay’ stickers, which I felt were a lovely added touch of personalisation. The contents of the box themselves were encased in a sheet of blush tissue paper and a branded sticker, and were placed in and amongst ribbons of golden craft paper.

I’ll start by briefly mentioning a couple of the highlights from the box for me, and then I’ll insert a list below with all of the items included in the box! By far and away, the copper wire string fairy LED lights are the highlight of the box for me, but I also love the notebook and the unassuming sheet of coral-pink fabric! So, on to everything that’s housed within this lovely little box:

  • An ”eat glitter for breakfast & shine all day’ notebook
  • Calligraphy postcards reading ‘you got this’, ‘thank you’, ‘go your own way’ and ‘do what you love’
  • A bunch of fresh foliage and blush pink roses
  • 3 tealight candles
  • Star confetti
  • A bag of pink, yellow and white paperclips
  • A set of copper wire string fairy LED lights
  • A sheet of coral-pink fabric

These boxes retail for £12 (excluding the additional £3 for p+p) and because I don’t think you’d find yourself wanting to purchase a box every single month, I think that’s a fairly reasonable price point for an independent company. The one and only fault I can find with this box and something that I would suggest improvement upon is the inclusion of fresh flowers in the box; I think the foliage is perfect, but the roses themselves weren’t in perfect condition and were a little withered so I think faux flowers or dried petals would be more consistent and durable! Aside from that, I’m so impressed with this box and think it’s just so perfect for bloggers who are perpetually looking to switch up their flatlay props and photography backgrounds. I would highly recommend picking one up and supporting this fab company and am so glad I’ve now discovered them!

You can visit The Little Box of Flatlay’s website here:

Have you heard of this company before? What do you think? Jess x


17 thoughts on “The Flatlay Subscription Box For Bloggers

  1. This is such an amazing idea!! Definitely going to look into this, it’s just what I need. Thank you for sharing xx

    1. So good isn’t it! I often struggle with new ideas for backgrounds and props for my blog photos and I think a lot of bloggers feel the same way, but this box completely solves that problem! xx

  2. Thank you so much for your fab photographs & review.

    We have taken on board your points about faux flowers. (We wanted our test boxes to feature real flowers to see if they would survive postage over a weekend – just a shame it was such a hot one & we find your feedback very valuable.)

    Thank you for being one of our product testers. We’re glad you like the box.

    Happy flatlaying 🙂

    Lesley McCall

    Little Box of Flatlay

  3. I usually never get intrigued by subscription boxes but this is THE COOLEST CONCEPT i have ever heard! I love talking all sorts of blog photos, especially flat lays! And this concept where you get a box of goodies each time perfect to use to style blog photos and they’d work for all kinds of photos is brilliant. I’m definitely checking this out!

    1. I genuinely feel so excited by it because I’ve never seen anything like it on the market but I think so many bloggers should know about it! Exactly! It takes all the hard work out of figuring out new props for blog photos and keeps things fresh. Would highly recommend picking one up xx

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