Is The Dior BB Crème Worth Its Price Tag?


I have a lot of thoughts on this product, so I’ll not digress/waffle and will instead get straight in to writing down my thoughts on this cult-classic product and why I have such a love-hate relationship with it! I thought it’d be more helpful to show you pictures of this product on my face, rather than just swatching it on my arm/hand, and so I’m wearing the BB creme and nothing else as a base; some tinted lip balm and a bit of summin summin’ through my brows.

Interestingly, I find that the finish of this BB cream is dependent upon how it’s applied; when applied with my fingers, the finish is very much a glowy, dewy one, but when applied with a buffing brush, the finish is more matte. Dior of course justify the £33 price tag by claiming that the formula is infused with ‘high levels of active skin care ingredients, so I decided to look the ingredients list up to see if that were true, or if Dior were fibbing and making false claims. Unsurprisingly, the ingredients list isn’t on any of the stockists website or the foundation packaging itself, but after a bit of research, I found it on Paula’s Choice’s site. After scanning through the list, I noticed that the skin care ingredients are listed towards the latter part of the list, which means that it’s much ado about nothing and there’s basically a miniscule amount of skincare goodness in the formula – typical.

Also worthy of note here is that the first four ingredients listed are ‘Water, Methyl Trimethicone, Dimethicone, Alcohol’; so in short, a lot of silicone and alcohol. For £33 for 30ml, I think the ingredients list is pretty poor, which probably explains why it isn’t listed on any of their stockist’s sites, their own site, or their packaging!

This is probably sounding like a rather negative review thus far, but I do actually really like this BB cream; I just have a few quarrels with it such as the aforementioned ingredients list shenanigans, and the fact that it oxidises. It doesn’t oxidise so much that you could easily audition for a part in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory as an oompa loompa, but it does slightly oxidise and for £33 and from a brand such as Dior, I’d expect that not to happen. I have the shade ‘light’, but I was interested to see how many shades they offer as BB creams are often notorious for offering a limited shade selection. Annoyingly, the majority of stockists in the UK only carry ‘fair’ and ‘medium’ (are they under the illusion that black, Asian or basically all non-Caucasian people don’t use cosmetics?)

In terms of the finish, this really is such a beautiful BB cream. The consistency is more similar to a tinted moisturiser rather than the usual more moussey, thicker consistency of traditional BB creams which I think is really nice. I’d describe this as a complexion enhancer as although it offers more coverage than most other BB creams, it smoothes over the skin in an undetectable way and is very natural looking, but still completely evens out the skin tone. As you can probably see from the (very up close!) pictures I’ve included of me wearing it, a bit of my redness around my nose is still visible and you can still see my skin, which I really like! The longevity is also really nice; I found it to last for around 7 hours on my skin without powder or any setting products, and I have very ‘normal’ skin.

I love the look of this on my skin and the finish really is so beautiful but could you find an equally beautiful product with more product for less money, the same sort of finish and coverage, and with a more expansive shade range? Yes, you could! The NARS tinted moisturiser is £29.50 for 50ml of product (the Dior BB crème is 30ml) and is just as lovely.

Have you tried this product? I really like it, but at the same time, I’m not shouting about it from the rooftops! Jess x


10 thoughts on “Is The Dior BB Crème Worth Its Price Tag?

  1. Never tried any Dior products but I really want to try the Diorskin Forever foundation!

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