Three Indie Brands Worth A Try


As much as I love the cult-classic beauty favourites that are so often talked about and featured within the blogosphere, I find myself becoming more and more excited about discovering and supporting indie beauty brands as the years go on. There are so many to feature, but for now, I thought I’d just shed the spotlight on these three products from three fab indie brands that I think are worthy of anyone’s coins and support!

OUAI Haircare – Brought to us by hair-extraordinaire and stylist to the celebs, Jen Atkin, OUAI is the next best thing to sliced bread if you’re a lover of that Parisian girl hair vibe. I’ve written a full review of six of their products here, but, in short, I really think that her line and products are worthy of the glowing reviews they receive, and I particularly love the hair oil and the texturising hair spray!

Sukin – It’s not often that affordable price tags are met with beautiful ingredients lists in the skincare market, but this Australian brand has managed it! I particularly love their Super Greens Chia Seed Oil, which is formulated with  extracts of kale, spirulina, avocado, chia, and vitamin E; all of which make for a beautifully nourishing and hydrating oil. I absolutely adore this stuff, and the formula and effectiveness rivals oils that exceed the £50 mark that I’ve tried in the past.

So Eco – This brand, and rightly so, prides itself on the components of their brushes being 100% responsibly and ethically sourced, and the hand-crafted bamboo handles definitely serve as a reminder of their eco-friendly nature. The brush heads themselves are unbelievably soft; I’ve never known taklon hairs to be so soft.


*All products featured in this post are PR samples.

Have you tried any of these brands? Got any more indie beauty brand suggestions/recommendations? 🙂 Jess x



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