My No.1 Skincare Tip For Anyone, With Any Budget That You’re Probably Not Doing


I truly believe that aside from having a history of good skin within your genetic pool, facial massages are one of the keys to bettering your skin, slowing the aging process, brightening the complexion and lessening your use of foundations. I recently had a facial at a salon and although the facial massage was all very nice and relaxing, I actually love doing it myself in the comfort of my own home; whether that be whilst I’m watching something on Netflix in my bed, or in my bathroom with a youtube video on in the background! And while I personally like to massage until the cows come home wherever possible, a 2 minute facial massage is still a treat for your skin and, for when you have a little more time, a 10 minute one is even better.

The most fantastic thing about facial massages (aside from the skincare benefits, obvs), is that they are universally feasible for everyone; whether you have pennies, or wads of cash to spend. By that, I mean that you can use a (pure) coconut oil that costs a couple of pounds from your local supermarket, the olive oil in your kitchen cupboard, or a £30 cleansing balm in your skincare stash. You can also use tools (I love The Body Shop’s Facial Massager) which is £8, but you can always get at least 30% off codes online so you needn’t pay more than around a fiver! I tend to usually stick with my hands as I really enjoy the whole process, and I love to use either coconut oil, my Vitage cleansing balm or a liberal amount of Liz Earle’s cleanse and polish.

Facial massages themselves have a multitude of benefits; some of which include:

  • Improving blood circulation
  • Increasing collagen production
  • Releasing toxins from the skin through lymphatic drainage
  • Increasing the strength of the facial muscles
  • Slowing the aging process (through doing all of the above)
  • Reducing puffiness and alleviating tension

I’ve just found that doing facial massages around 4 times a week gives me the most noticeable skin improvements; more so than any product I’ve ever used. I rarely wear foundation now, because I find that my skin just doesn’t need it since doing these massages. And of course, genetics play a large part here, but I do see a noticeable difference in my skin in the weeks where I’ve fitted a massage in most days. I’m only 22, but I no longer see the fine lines that were on my forehead before, and my skin looks a lot tighter and less lacklustre. It’s also just so incredibly soothing and stress-alleviating, and a great way to wind down in the evenings! As always, I like to do a lot of research before writing skincare-related posts, and I found some really interesting research on this particular topic, and how lymphatic drainage through facial massages slows the aging process; Professor Takakura of Osaka University in Japan found that if the lymphatic system isn’t stimulated, the fatty acids present in the lymph can leak, and said fat is what accumulates in the sagging parts of the skin.

As for the massages themselves, you can really use any sort of technique you’d like; the movements should be firm yet gentle, and although it may feel quite firm if you’re a beginner, just persevere and you’ll acclimatise to the pressure. I tend to use a lot of sweeping motions across my face from the center of my nose outwards, massaging my jaw in an upwards movement towards my temples, and circular movements under my cheekbones. I know – it’s not much use me trying to explain them in writing! So instead, I’ll leave a couple of really good videos on it (I’d really recommend Lisa Eldridge’s video) for if you want a visual guide or someone to follow along with! Please try it out yourself – it’s honestly magical! Let me know how you get on x

Jess x



12 thoughts on “My No.1 Skincare Tip For Anyone, With Any Budget That You’re Probably Not Doing

  1. I really need to try this! My skin has been pretty awful recently, which I’m thinking is more to do with a bad diet than neglecting my skin, but I haven’t really been looking after my face. I already have one of the Body Shop tools – I was really excited to buy it but have barely used it since! I really loved the science in your post, too!
    – Rebecca ♥

  2. I’ve recently started giving myself forehead massages mostly because I feel to much tension in it throughout the day. You’re also right about it helping the quality of your skin. I will definitely have to try these ones too!!

    – XOXO

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