A Cleanser & Moisturiser Duo For Under £10


Admittedly, I’m no real high street skincare-goer (aside from French pharmacy skincare goodies); mainly because a lot of ingredients tend to be a little questionable and the formulas ineffective, but I think I’ve found two real gems here. I’ve now been using them intermittently since May, and because I could see myself repurchasing them, I thought I’d write a post on them!

In all honesty, I’ve always tended to steer clear of L’Oréal skincare, but their newly released fine flowers range caught my eye as affordable face washes without soap are a hard thing to come at an affordable price point. The Fine Flowers Gel-Cream Wash has, as the name suggests, a gel-cream hybrid sort of consistency which is comparable to that of a milky jelly cleanser if you’re familiar with them. The reason that I’ve taken a liking to this is that it emulsifies in to a creamy lather, rather than an overly foamy, stripping one. My skin doesn’t feel parched after using it, which is a problem I have with most other cleansers that foam when activated; this is really quite hydrating, and because the formula is alcohol-free, my skin is left feeling comfortable clean as opposed to tight and stripped. And although this serves its purpose as a cleanser, I would advise against using it as a makeup remover, and instead suggest reserving it for your second cleanse or morning cleanse.

Whilst perusing the aisles of Boots after popping the L’Oréal cleanser in my basket, I saw Garnier’s promotional display with their latest skincare offerings, which I’d heard a lot about through various different blogs and beauty influencers. Garnier market this range as a ‘new generation of hydrating formulas made with 96% ingredients of natural origin’. And while that all sounds very lovely, I had my doubts about this claim. Because the skincare industry is grossly unregulated, brands can use the word ‘natural’ wherever they like, which means that ‘naturally derived’ ingredients may be listed as such even if they have been chemically processed to within an inch of their lives. So, I picked up the botanical rose water day cream with an open mind and after doing a little research on it, I was surprised to find that aside from a few preservatives (non-paraben), the ingredients list doesn’t feature any real nasties; just do be aware that said ingredients are naturally derived, and are not 100% natural or organic.

The day cream itself is really nice; it’s on the richer side of the spectrum for day creams, and so I found it to offer a good amount of hydration for me as I have normal to dehydrated skin. It does take a little longer than most day creams to absorb which I don’t actually mind as I know that if a cream absorbs almost instantaneously, it’s probably laden with chemicals! And although I really do like this product and will continue to use it as a basic moisturiser before makeup, I don’t find it to layer particularly well with other products; it has the tendency to ball up and apply unevenly. But if you’re a cleanse and moisturiser kinda gal, in the mornings, that shouldn’t be a problem and so I would still highly recommend to you!

Have you tried either of these products or anything from the ranges? I quite like the look of the Garnier rose water toner! Jess x



10 thoughts on “A Cleanser & Moisturiser Duo For Under £10

  1. I saw these products in the store and I was curious to see a review about them, so thank you for that!
    I’m glad they are good, maybe I’ll try them 🙂


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