The Best Of The Beauty Sale Picks

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By virtue of the fact that my last post was a review of an eye wateringly expensive eyeshadow palette, I thought I’d peruse through the interweb to try and find the best beauty sale picks; and let me tell you, I think I’ve found some really good’uns!

By Terry’s Ombre Blackstar shadow sticks 15.95 down from £29) This, along with the Charlotte Tilbury palette, is a product that I never thought I’d see listed as a clearance or sale item! I absolutely adore these shadow sticks and would highly recommend picking one up while stocks last; which I’m guessing won’t be long!

Clarins’s Contouring Palette (£21.60 down from £36) – Again, this is one of my favourite products that I find myself reaching for time and time again. It’s such a beautiful palette and much like the By Terry sticks, this is an incredibly generous discount.

Charlotte Tilbury’s Instant Look In A Palette (£34 down from £49) It’s a rarity to see anything from Charlotte’s line with a discounted price tag, so I was taken aback by the new addition of a ‘sale’ tab on her site! This palette’s taupes, chocolate brown hues and peachy pink blush shades look beautiful.

Essie’s Nail Polishes (£2.50 down from £8) I’m no real nail lacquer lover, but I can appreciate a good saving when I see one! There are hundreds of shades available for this price; all of which look beautiful.

Chloe’s Love Story (£33.60 down from £42) – don’t often find myself in the presence of discounted Chloe fragrances, so I thought this was worthy of mention in this post. I absolutely adore the Love Story scent and for anyone looking for a floral, orange blossom scented scent with oodles of femininity, this is a great fragrance.

Have you found any other great sale picks yet? Jess x




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