A Blogging Q&A


I’ve always loved the social side of blogging and the interaction we all have with one another within the blogosphere, so I asked on my Instagram if anyone had any blogging related questions for me; all of which I compiled and answered below!

Favourite thing about blogging? Hardest part of social media?

My favourite thing about blogging is writing; writing is such a huge passion of mine and I like to think that I’m well-versed in the skincare and beauty department, and so I hope that my writing reflects that! I also love reading other bloggers’ content, and it serves as a really good source of inspiration for me. The only social media platform I actually use is Instagram, and I absolutely love it. All parts of it are enjoyable for me; I wouldn’t really say there’s anything I find particularly frustrating, aside from the fact that it’s really hard to grow your Instagram nowadays and to reach a wider audience.

What would your dream job be? And what’s your opinion on the way Instagram is now (algorithm, bots, follow/unfollowers)?

My dream job is to be able to become a full time freelance beauty writer and content creator. I absolutely adore my job as a healthcare assistant, but this is a passion and so it never feels like work. I currently do freelance beauty writing and content creation as I manage and photograph for a beauty brand’s Instagram account, and write weekly for a couple of online beauty sites, so I feel that I’m definitely on the ladder but the struggle is real when you’re a freelancer haha! As for Instagram and the issues that ensue from it; I try to just enjoy Instagram as a platform, but influencers who purchase their followers do ruffle my feathers. I recently did a freelance influencer outreach project for a beauty brand, and it became really frustrating whilst sourcing influencers through Instagram when the engagement, likes and followers didn’t add up in any way, shape or form!

What made you start up a blog and would you ever blog full time?

I instantaneously fell in love with blogs as soon as I discovered the beauty blogosphere online in my dingy little bedroom in my first year of uni. I’ve always loved to write and so when my newly discovered love of beauty and long-standing love of writing came together, I paired the two and here we are! As for blogging full time, I know that to financially support myself I would have to involve myself with frequent ads and sponsorships, but I would only want to do that if I genuinely would use and love the products outside of said ad/sponsorship. If offered with enough genuine (on my part) collaborations with brands to financially support myself, then yes.

Can you tell us more about your blogging journey, your learnings along the way, and why did you choose your blog name?

I’m not really too sure as to how to answer the first part of the question, so I think I’ll just talk about a couple of things that have been most significant and meaningful to me throughout my blogging journey. One of which, is that I recognise loads of readers and commenters from when I first started which is amazing! And while they’re not what drives me, the feeling of being recognised by some of your favourite brands and them wanting to send you new releases and add you to their mailing list is really great. I chose the name ‘The Beauty Sanctuary’ because I like to think of my blog as a little haven for like-minded beauty fanatics!

Tips for new bloggers?

Blog for the love of it! The audience and relationships with PR companies and brands will come later. Focus on good quality content that you want to write, and don’t let it become a chore by over-stretching yourself.

Jess x





13 thoughts on “A Blogging Q&A

  1. “Blog for the love of it”. Very good idea! Because blogging can be so tough but if you love it and have the passion, that is what will carry you through. Great post!

  2. such a lovely post. As a new(ish) blogger, it’s nice finding out about other bloggers journey and their experience. Also, I totally understand the who Instagram situation with people buying followers etc, it’s sad to see how everything is based on numbers and likes nowadays. I love how genuine you are! Your blog really reflects your passion for beauty! Keep doing what you’re doing! 🙂

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