Three Unsung Beauty Heroes.


It can be all too easy to to be swept away with the excitement of new releases and giving in to the temptation of your ever growing influencer-enabled wish list, but I prefer to sing the praises of beauty underdogs, and so I thought I’d write a post on three of my favourite unsung beauty product heroes. I never really buy in to new releases anymore, and, to be honest, it’s quite a rarity for me to buy beauty products anymore that aren’t essentials or replacements; meaning that I get really great use out of everything, including these products!

Roger & Gallet’s Aura Mirabilis Legendary Cream – The consistency of this moisturiser is unlike anything else; it’s almost like whipped butter and feels so incredibly dreamy. ‘Aura mirabilis’ was actually a name given to a natural elixir made up of 18 of the rarest medicinal plants of the time (bergamot, lemongrass and neroli to name a few), by monks some 300 years ago that could be applied both topically and ingested, and so the ingredients within the formula of this cream make this a very natural product for the most part as the ingredients are botanically derived. As always, I like to thoroughly go through the ingredients lists of my products, and so I only really have one negative thought about it; I can detect a lot of active ingredients within the formula, but because the cream is packaged in a jar, that makes the ‘active’ ingredients redundant as they are going to be exposed to the air. But, aside from that, I absolutely love this stuff and if you’re not too bothered about the active ingredients issue, then pick this up!

Hourglass’s  Ambient Strobe Lighting Powder in ‘Euphoric Light’ – The reason that I harp on about this highlighter at any given opportunity, is because it imparts the most beautiful iridescent shimmer and almost creates a wet-looking sheen wherever it’s applied. The powder and pearlescence are so so fine, and so it looks like a cream highlight when applied on to the skin, and the opalescence is just so beautiful.

Liz Earle’s Sheer Skin Tint – This has actually been repackaged since I purchased it, but the formula remains the same – thank god. This is the dewiest base, ever. But unlike a lot of other dewy foundations, this formula is incredibly creamy and so a little goes a long way. It’s undetectable on the skin and although it’s more of a light to medium coverage foundation on me as oppose to a ‘sheer skin tint’, I absolutely love this stuff and think it’s the perfect base product for the warmer months.

Have you tried any of these products? What are your fave underrated beauty products? Jess x



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