How I Keep My Hair In Tip Top Condition


Whenever I (rarely, I might add) post any sort of selfie on my Instagram, I always seem to find that a lot of the comments are very hair-complimentary, so I thought this might be a post of interest! I don’t tend to use a lot of products, but I am very particular about what I use. I will also mention here that I cut my hair myself around once a month as it grows very quickly, and for reference, although I do have a lot of it, my hair is actually fairly fine with drier mid-to-lengths and roots that are prone to greasiness. Below are six things that I do to avoid damaging my hair in to oblivion!

For the most part, I stick to SLS and sulfate free shampoo formulas – Sulfates allow for that satisfying lather and foaming action which, while giving the impression that they’re really doing a great job at cleansing the hair, actually dry the hair and strip it of its natural oils. SLS-free shampoos are few and far between on the affordable side of things, but OGX and the Yes To sulfate free shampoos are a couple that I enjoy.

I avoid blow drying – Hair dryers really are my nemesis. Although convenient, I’ve always just thought of them as causing unnecessary hair damage. If you have a cool setting on yours, then that’s great, but for the rest of us, good old-fashioned air is your friend!

Using an AQUIS hair turban instead of normal towels – My AQUIS Hair Turban is one of my greatest beauty discoveries thus far. They are fairly pricey at around £30, but I really do think they’re worth it. As we know, normal towels damage the hair, but these turbans are made with microfiber cloth and so they gentle dry the hair. They also dry the hair more quickly than regular towels, reduce frizz, and have a little button closure on the back so the turban won’t come undone or be of any annoyance!

Never use hair spray – A lot of hair sprays are formulated with ethanol, which is incredibly damaging and drying for the hair. I also just hate how it leaves my hair feeling!

Using an oil, serum or mist after washing – I’ve recently discovered the most magical hair mist, but that’s for another post on the products that I use! I always use some sort of concentrated hydrating treatment post-wash, which I find works wonders for nourishing my ends and leaving them less prone to breakage.

Using the wet brush – I use this brush on hair when it’s both wet and dry. I cannot use regular brushes on my hair; they tug and frankly, make my eyes water. I couldn’t be without my wet brush – there’s really nothing else quite like it.

I will follow this post up with a ‘hair care favourites’, but for now, do you do any of these things? Jess x


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