How To Pick The Perfect Nude Lipstick For Your Complexion


Much like a pair of jeans or a bra, there’s really no such thing as a universally flattering nude lipstick, is there? And although it seems like an effortless beauty statement, finding a nude hue that suits your skin undertones and complexion perfectly is a mean feat for most of us. I always found difficulty in wearing nude lipsticks, as my lips are naturally so dark in pigment, and so I thought this post would be rather handy for anyone else who is in the same boat and hasn’t quite mastered the muted lip just yet!Choosing the right shade for the undertone of your skin – If your skin has a yellow undertone, warmer hues will flatter, and if you have a pink undertone, blue-toned shades work really well. And if your skin tone is fairly neutral, then both warm and cool hues will look great.

If your lips are naturally dark in pigment, look for nude lipsticks with a peach undertone; peach will always colour correct and so will neutralise that dark pigment.

If you’re really fair, it’s a good idea to steer clear of cool-toned lipsticks with grey undertones or overly beige hues as they can make your complexion look sallow, flat and dull. Rosy hues pair beautifully with porcelain skin tones.

Olive or dark complexion? Lipsticks with a white pigment base might not work as a great nude for you, so sticking with warm and richer hues will be more flattering. With medium to dark skin tones, the edges of the mouth tend to be darker in pigment and so as a guide, choose a shade that is similar to the shade of the perimeter of the mouth. Mauve undertones also look particularly great when paired with really dark, rich, chocolatey complexions!

Hope you found this helpful! Do you have any more tips for nude lipstick pickin’?! Jess x



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