The Hair & Body Oil That Smells Like Turkish Delight


I don’t often dedicate blog posts to just the one product, but if I feel particularly excited about a new release and what-not, I think it’s deserving of one. As such, I decided to write this post, and tell you all about the new OUAI Rose Hair & Body Oil! I feel as though I’ve spoken and raved about the original OUAI Hair Oil a bazillion times over now, so I was fairly certain I’d fall in love with this newest addition to the line, too.

I’m cautious of rose scented products, because they often fall into the overly flowery, powdery, grandma-ish category, but with founder, Jen Atkin being the cool, LA girl-next-door woman that she is, I kinda knew this oil wouldn’t. It smells just like Turkish delight; sweet but not overly sickly, fruity and really fresh. It’s also not really overpowering, but the scent does linger in the hair for a good few hours. I’d actually describe it as more of a serum oil consistency rather than a straight up oil, but I love it on my hair. It keeps frizz at bay, leaves my dry ends looking smooth, and is so incredibly lightweight, which makes me think that it would be good for even the thinnest of hair.

I’ve now used this on my arms and legs a couple of times and while I think it’s a fairly nice hydrator, I think it’s more an oil that I would use on my legs and arms if I was going out to add shine and a bit of glamour. I’ll definitely reserve this as just a hair oil I think, because I absolutely adore it, and, even better – there’s just under 100ml of product, which will last for ages!

I love that this formula is silicone-free and so you know that the nourishing and moisturising benefits are solely down to the blend of the absinthium oil, rose hip oil and shea oil, and not artificial ingredients that although feel nice, aren’t actually doing anything.

This oil retails for £25 on Cult Beauty (here), and I would highly recommend it as part of your next beauty haul, or as a little treat to yourself and your hair! Jess x

*This product was gifted as a PR sample


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