My Current Evening Skincare Line-Up

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My skincare routine really is a joy for me, and is a sort of ritual that allows me to fully unwind; particularly in the evenings. And although I know that my skin is mainly a result of the history of great skin within my genetic pool, I really do enjoy taking care of my skin and I notice a difference in the condition of it if I skip a few days of skincare. I’m really lucky to receive so many skincare products and releases as PR samples, so I do interchange my products quite a lot, although I do always do so slowly and allow at least a couple of weeks with just one new product in my routine before I share my thoughts!

I only really wear makeup a couple of times a week, and rarely wear foundation, so double cleansing isn’t all that necessary for me. I do, however, like to use cleansing balms as I like to do facial massages almost every day. My favourite one at the moment is the Vitage Essential Cleansing Balm; it’s fairly reminiscent of its Emma Hardie counterpart, but smells a lot nicer in my opinion! It’s a beautifully thick balm that smells of neroli and sweet rose, and has a great ingredients list, too. 

As a treatment, I like to apply my Vichy Masque Peel a few times a week; fruit acid based exfoliators are my preference and so I really love this one as it’s an AHA-based exfoliant. It is slightly granular, but it isn’t too abrasive as the granules themselves are dispersed through the jelly-esque formula fairly sporadically. I leave a thin layer of this mask to sit on my skin for around 15 minutes, and then remove by massaging it in to my skin and removing it with just my hands and water.

For me, serums and oils really are the powerhouse of my skincare routine; particularly serums. I say that, because serums work so much harder for the skin than any moisturiser or cream can ever hope to. They’re formulated with higher concentrations of active ingredients and are made up of smaller molecules, and so are able to penetrate more deeply, which is why I love them. I’ve only been using the Clarins double serum for a few days thus far, but I can already see why it’s become such a cult-classic skincare product over the years. I had been aware of it for a while, but in all honesty, I thought that the £75 price tag was far too steep for a serum formulated with a base of mineral oil. However, this has now been reformulated, and now also has the addition of turmeric; an ingredient I’m already potty about! Serums are traditionally water-based and so often aren’t all that pleasurable to use, but I love that this is an oily serum. I’ve found myself using less moisturiser since incorporating this product in to my routine, and I’m really liking it so far.

I’ll next apply an eye cream, and while I know that they’re not all that popular within the blogosphere as visible differences aren’t often found after usage, I’ve found the Peachy Fox Marine Collagen Eye Gel to really work. It reduces puffiness, is quickly absorbed, and has definitely refined the crepey-ness of my outer eye area. Disclaimer – I do work for Peachy Fox within my freelance work, but it isn’t expected of me to mention the brand outside of work. I have all of the products from their line, and while they’re all nice, this is the one product that I can see myself purchasing.

If I’m not using an oil-based serum such as the aforementioned Clarins one, I’ll use an oil to seal in my skincare products and as another layer of nourishment and hydration. I love oils, and the Trilogy CoQ10 Booster Oil is my favourite. The ingredients list is fantastic; as are Trilogy as an ethical brand, and I love that this doesn’t have the drier oil type of consistency that so many other oils on the market have.

Oh, moisturiser. I love you so much, but I use far too much, which is a problem when your moisturiser of choice is on the pricier side. I recently ran out of my beloved Clarins Hydra-Essentiel Cream (another is one its way!), so I’ve been turning to another firm favourite: Roger & Gallet’s Aura Mirabilis Legendary Cream. In the best way possible, this cream feels like whipped butter, and feels like such a luxurious treat for the skin. This moisturiser is formulated with R&G’s natural elixir, made up of 18 medicinal plants such as bergamot, lemongrass and neroli, and is such a beautiful product.

Finally; and a product that I couldn’t live without – lip balm. My stash of lip balms is overflowing and ridiculous, but my favourite is The Body Shop’s Argan Oil balm. It smells h-e-a-v-e-n-l-y, and is so incredibly nourishing.

Have you tried any of these products? Jess x

*This post contains PR samples (everything but lip balm)





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