The New & Improved Clarins Double Serum | In-Depth Review


Buckle your seats, because this post is probably going to end up with a word count rivalling the likes of War & Peace.

I’ve long known about double serum, but have never even thought of investing in it because, quite frankly, I thought the price tag was ridiculous for a serum with a mineral oil base. However, I’d heard through the blogging grapevine that it had been reformulated and the ingredients list now omitted mineral oil, so I gladly said ‘YES!’ when asked if I’d like to try it by the lovely PR girls at Clarins. I really wanted to dedicate an entire post to this product, as I think with a skincare product of this complexity, anything else would be pretty pointless; there’s so much to discuss, and I didn’t want to miss anything out.

Firstly, I really appreciate that although this is one of the UK’s best-selling and most-loved skincare products, Clarins went back to the drawing board to see if any improvements could be made when customers, beauty insiders and bloggers made constructive criticisms surrounding the ingredients list. I think most brands would shove any dismissals or criticisms under the carpet, and so I really think that for a brand of Clarins’ size, that sort of attitude is commendable.

I do think a lot of skincare products with more than one compartment are gimmicky and merely serve to look science-y as a sort of marketing ploy, but I understand why this packaging has two different storage compartments. From my experience, some bi-phase formulas need to be separated in order to preserve active ingredients that would otherwise lessen in effectiveness or pungency if paired together. This serum is a bi-phase formulation: hydric (water) and lipidic (oil); hence why the two formulas are separated.

While we’re on the topic of packaging, I LOVE IT. There’s an adjustable dial on the top of the serum so that you can customise your dosage – love, love, love. For day time usage, or if you have oilier skin, the smaller droplet dial disperses a smaller amount of product, and for night time or if your skin is looking particularly dehydrated, the larger droplet is perf. I’ve tried both, but to my surprise (and my dehydrated skin’s surprise), the smaller droplet suffices.

So, it’s been reformulated – what changes have been made? The mineral oil is gone – yippee. If you’re a fan of Clarins, you’ll *probably* know that the Multi-Active range features teasel extract, which is an excellent ingredient for targeting the development of fine lines. This serum now includes said extract, and it also features organic leaf of life extract and turmeric. I instantly recognised the former ingredient, because it is featured in the recently launch hydra-essentiel range, but I was most excited about the addition of turmeric. I try to load my diet up with turmeric, and other antioxidants for that matter, so I was happy to see that this would be adding even more. It’s a fantastic antioxidant, so great for fighting against free radicals and oxidative stress; particularly if you live in a city or heavily polluted area.

Now, I’m only 22 and so I can’t comment on whether this drastically reduces the appareance of aging and wrinkles as it claims to do, but this serum is marketed as an aging-preventive serum that can help to remedy signs of fine lines, dehydration and dullness. I’ve now been using this for just over 3 weeks, and I’ve noticed a difference. Before incorporating this into my routine, I would use a (very) liberal amount of facial oil nightly, and now, I don’t feel the need to do that. The small droplet dial disperses a very small amount of the serum, but because of the oily formulation, it’s enough. This stuff is i-n-t-e-n-s-e-l-y hydrating; it’s a seriously pungent, concentrated formula, and I can’t recommend it highly enough for those of you with dehydrated skin such as mine. I don’t have oiliness, so I can’t comment on that, but there are so many reviews of this online from bloggers with oilier skin types, so just read up on it! This layers well with other products, and I find that it takes a little while to sink in, which I enjoy. I know a lot of people prefer a product that immediately absorbs, but I get no joy from that – I like to feel it for a little while! I really enjoy the spread-ability of this, too. I find a lot of oils and serums (particularly traditional water-based serums) to have a dry consistency that requires it to be patted or pushed in to the skin; I much prefer a formula like this with a good amount of slip that allows you to apply it as you would a moisturiser. I’ve also heard a lot of bloggers talk about the scent of this and how they love it so much. I neither love it nor hate it; it smells expensive. That’s the only way I can describe it! Kind of musky, kind of sweet. One small droplet of this seems to do (and more) of what five or six drops of my regular facial oils can do, which leads me on to my next point.

The price. Yes, it’s expensive. The 30ml bottle is Ā£57, and the 50ml bottle is Ā£75. Do I think it’s worth it? As with most skincare products, this is probably being sold for much more than it needs to be. If your weekly food shop would suffer as a result of buying this, then no – you can find alternatives, of course! If you could purchase this without feeling uncomfortable, then yes – 100%. I do think that with skincare, your money should be put in to serums;Ā  moisturisers, cleansers and acid toners can all be done affordably. The molecular structure of serums means that they can penetrate the skin further than any moisturiser can, and the concentration of the active ingredients is just unrivalled, so I do think that this serum is worth it for the results I personally got. As I said, I’ve been using this nightly for about three and a half weeks now, and it barely looks as though I’ve used anything, so I do think that this would last a long while, which also leads me to believe that it’s worth the purchase.

So, there you have it! I think that’s everything I wanted to talk about – let me know if you have any questions! šŸ™‚ Jess x


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