New In Beauty Releases/Blogger Mail I’m Currently Trialling


I’ve been kindly sent some really beautiful new releases throughout September, and so I thought it’d be nice to compile all of them to share what’s new to the market and what you can expect to see reviews of on my blog in the near future! All releases are now available, and have been released within the last few days or so.

Claudia Schiffer Makeup – This is the release I’m most excited about. I think the packaging and whole makeup line is so well thought out, and has been curated with real focus and consideration. The packaging is timeless, and I particularly love the blush compact; it feels so reminiscent of a vintage compact that you’d display on your dressing table permanently. In all honesty, I secretly don’t really want to use the blush; I want to keep it pristine and have it as a sort of collector’s item! The blusher is £29.50 and the lipstick is £17.95. I was really disappointed to learn that the collection is limited edition, but I think sometimes that makes a collection all the more special.

3INA Gel Liner – I was sent a few products from this brand this month, but unfortunately, this is the only product I liked and have ended up keeping for myself. On a brighter note, I actually do really like this gel liner. It doesn’t dry down quite as well as the famed Maybelline one, but it is so creamy and easy to apply and wears for a good 6 hours on my eyes before it begins to transfer on to my lids slightly.

Clarins cushion foundation & powder foundation – I believe these two foundations are new additions to the existing everlasting range. I’ve been using the powder compact foundation as a powder, and it is good; I’ll just never get excited over a powder! The cushion foundation however, has made it’s way in to my makeup bag, and I love it. I’ve spoken about it a fair bit on my Instagram already, but in short, it has the best longevity of all the cushion foundations I’ve tried, and the formula is beautiful. I do think it’s very expensive (around 13ml for £31), so it’s definitely not a ‘bang for your buck’ kind of product, but regardless, it’s a beautiful foundation and I would recommend.

Have any of these products taken your fancy? The cushion foundation and blush compact are my favourites by far! Jess x



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