My Current Beauty & Book Favourites


I don’t often find myself writing favourites blog posts, but I have a few beauty goodies and a couple of reads that I think are worth talking (and singing the praises of) about!

Apologies for the Clarins avalanche, but these two new releases have become firm favourites in both my skincare and makeup collection as of late. It takes a lot for skincare to excite or impress me, but the newly re-formulated Clarins Double Serum has both met and surpassed my high expectations. The ingredients list is far superior in terms of complexity than the last edition, and it really packs a punch in the hydration department. I’ve written an in-depth post on the formulation and a review of it here if you’d like to read more!

Another new release from Clarins is their cushion foundation, which is a new addition to their everlasting foundation range. I also have their newly released powder foundation from this range, and although I like it, I don’t love it – hence why it’s not included in this post! This foundation has better longevity than all other cushion foundations I’ve tried, and the formula looks absolutely beautifully and so fresh on the skin. I do think it’s very expensive for the amount of product you actually get in the compact, but for the formula and finish alone, I love it.

The Boleyn Inheritance by Philippa Gregory has been, I think, my read of the month so far. I’d always had reservations about fictional Tudor novels, but after reading a plethora of good reviews, and as a Tudor-obsessive; I had to pick it up. I adore anything to do with the Tudor dynasty, and this book didn’t disappoint me. So often, we read about Anne Boleyn, but Anne of Cleves and Jane Boleyn; two female figures who played such important roles in Henry VIII’s ruling, are often forgotten about. The book tells the story of Anne of Cleves, Jane Boleyn, and Katherine Howard, and although both Jane and Katherine are highly unlikeable, I’m forever interested in their stories nonetheless. This book is slightly overwritten, but I didn’t really care; I was engrossed, and I didn’t want it to end. Amusing in parts, interesting, and I really enjoyed learning more about Anne Boleyn’s sister-in-law.

Another great recent read of mine was The Shadow Year by Hannah Richell. The story alternates between the stories of Lila and a group of recent graduates, and although I found Lila’s story to be quite simplistic, I adored the storyline of the young group of graduates. I read a lot (seriously), and I found both the prose and plotlines to be fairly unique, and the twist is absolutely fantastic and so cleverly thought out. I’d highly recommend making this your next book purchase!

Ciate’s Wonderwand Mascara was included in this month’s Look Fantastic beauty box, and I’ve really been liking it. Admittedly, the hold isn’t as good as some of my other mascaras, but I love how wispy it makes my lashes look. Another new addition to my makeup rotation is the newly released Claudia Schiffer blush in ‘passion fruit’; the compact is worthy of being displayed on any dressing table, and I love the classic, timeless packaging she’s opted for. The formula itself is nice; a little more pigmented than I’d usually like, and it’s not anything we haven’t seen before, but the packaging alone makes this a worthwhile purchase, I think! Lastly for beauty, I’ve found myself reaching for the Garnier Rose Water Day Cream an awful lot. I tend to steer clear of really affordable skincare products because they’re often laden with fillers and alcohol denat, but I love the ingredients list and formula of this stuff. Regardless of your budget, I’d recommend picking this up!

Have you tried/read any of these goodies? Jess x


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