The New Clarins Cushion Foundation




*PR sample

This newly released foundation seems to have sparked some interest on my Instagram of late, and so I thought it was high time that I wrote up an in-depth post on it; detailing my thoughts on it, and the down low on the formula.

This is one of two new additions to the already existing everlasting foundation range; I was also kindly sent the new powder foundation to try, but it’s just not my cup of tea. This, however, is. And although I do really enjoy this foundation, and have been using it over the past month quite frequently, I do have a couple of quarrels with it; the first of which, being the price to product ratio. For 13ml of product (as we know, regular foundations typically contain 30ml), the price tag is £31. For me, and I’m sure many others, that is extortionately high. As a point of comparison, Tom Ford’s Traceless Foundation is £21.33 per 10ml, and this Clarins foundation works out at £23.85 per 10ml, meaning that Tom Ford is cheaper……..I’ll let you mull that one over. You can buy refills for this (which I believe are priced around £21), but I still think that this is just so expensive.

So, on to the formula itself. As you’d expect from a cushion formula, it’s lightweight, water-based, and really moisturising. The reason that I love this the most out of all the cushion foundation formulas I’ve tried, is that the longevity is unrivalled by any other cushion formula. It stays intact on my skin for around 9-10 hours, and even after I’d been wearing it for 12 hours on a day in London and visiting the Harry Potter Studios, it still looked good, but did start to slightly break up around my nose after the 10 hour mark. That’s good going for any foundation, but remarkably good going for a cushion, lightweight foundation! It dries to a slightly matte finish; not a powdery matte, but a very natural matte finish that is nearest to the natural state of a normal skin type.

Annoyingly, it took an age to find an ingredients list for this foundation, but after finally locating one, I can confirm the SPF (50) in the formula to be physical. I also noticed that butylene glycol is listed within the first six ingredients, which explains why the formula is so moisturising in spite of the fact that it delivers a slightly matte finish, because butylene glycol is a humectant that works much in the same way as hyaluronic acid. Overall, the ingredients list does feature some nice ingredients such as niacinamide, but I also noticed it to be very dimethicone heavy, which is something to be aware of if you have problems with silicones. While we’re on the topic of SPF though, I do think that September was an odd time for Clarins to release this – surely a cushion foundation with an SPF of 50 would be better suited for spring/summer time?

In the photo of my face above (soz about the messy bun & pyjama look), I’m wearing the foundation and nothing else. As you can see, the coverage really is very good for a cushion foundation; it is buildable as they say it is, and it offers a better coverage than most other cushion foundations. It does look near-on undetectable on the skin, and I just think the formula is so universally flattering, whether you have dry or oily skin.

The shade range is OK. It includes six shades, but it really only goes up to an NW40 kind of shade. Hopefully they will expand the shade range, but as it stands, it does seem to exclude those with a really rich, chocolatey complexion, which is disappointing. I’m wearing 105 nude.

With all that being said, I really do love this foundation. There are a couple of issues with it, but do I love it on my skin? Yes. It really is such a beautiful formula, but the price to product ratio leaves me hesitant over purchasing it myself. Jess x



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