My Thoughts On The Una Brennan Neroli Skincare Range


This range seemed to spark a bit of interest on my Instagram, so I thought I’d dedicate an entire post on my thoughts on each of the products I have from it. I’ll spare you a lengthy introduction (the post is long enough as it is!), but, in short, this is marketed as a ‘firming’ line of products that utilise the ‘anti-ageing’ benefits of neroli, and ranges from £7.99 to £16.99 in price.

The Intense Facial Serum* – More affordable skincare products tend to use synthetic emollients as opposed to something more natural like vegetable glycerin as they are much cheaper to formulate with, so it was no surprise to me after looking through this serum’s ingredients list that a synthetic emollient was listed as the second ingredient. Said emollient is cyclopentasiloxane, which is basically just a silicone. More affordable creams and serums tend to either be formulated with this, or more commonly, dimethicone, which is more suited towards drier skin as it’s heavier. Because of the cyclopentasiloxane in this serum’s formulation, it does feel very silky and a sort of serum-primer hybrid, but it’s definitely not as hydrating as a serum formulated with dimethicone. I haven’t seen much of a result with using this as my skin leans more towards the dehydrated, dry side, and benefits from something more hydrating, but I would recommend this for those of you with more of a combination or oily skin type. While scanning the ingredients list, I also noticed that a few citrus peel oils were listed fairly highly, which you’d expect from a neroli range, but it’s worth noting that lemon and orange peel oils can heighten the skin’s susceptibility to UV damage and photosensitivity. And although I think this is a fairly nice, simple serum, it falls flat for me in the way it’s been marketed. On the front of it’s box and packaging, it’s name is ‘intense facial serum with hyaluronic acid & a high potency wrinkle-reducing peptide’, but said peptide (listed as tetrapeptide-21 in this serum) is right at the bottom of the ingredients list. The hyaluronic acid (listed as sodium hyaluronate in this serum) is also fairly low, so I have serious doubts over whether the peptide in particular is actually beneficial at all, but it’s hard to say as the percentages obviously aren’t listed!

The Daily Brightening Cleanser* – I really like this product – hooray! The ingredients list is nice; I particularly like the addition of mango seed oil, which is listed nice and high up, as it’s hydrating and packed with antioxidants. I love that this doesn’t create an overly foamy lather; it turns to more of a milk when emulsified with water, and so I think it would be perfect for all skin types. It’s a very gentle cleanser, and I absolutely love it as my current daily cleanser (I rarely double cleanse as I don’t often wear foundation), and although it nicely removes makeup if a bit of concealer and blush is all you’re wearing, I wouldn’t agree with their claim that it ‘instantly melts away make up’. However, I think this would work as a morning cleanser or second cleanse for just about everyone.

The Super Lift Night Cream* – This is another hit for me; I’ve seen results with it and I like it as an evening moisturiser. However, the ‘anti-ageing’ marketing of this is made absolutely redundant by it’s packaging for me. I appreciate that because it’s a thicker cream, it may not be as simple as just sticking it in pump style packaging, but really, jar packaging makes the peptides and other anti-ageing ingredients that this moisturiser boasts redundant because the oxidation caused by opening the jar and exposing the formula to light and air makes them all ineffective each time it’s opened. In saying that, I do still really like this moisturiser personally as just a hydrating moisturiser. It is very hydrating, rich and plumping, but if you’re interested in this for its anti-ageing properties, I’d look elsewhere. I do like the addition of apple stem cell, which features in all products within this range, and is proven to reduce the formation of fine lines.

The Super Lift SPF15 Day Cream* – After looking through the ingredients list, I found that the SPF15 comes from octocrylene, which is a chemical sunscreen. I think to get the full SPF of 15, you’d have to apply a hell of a lot of this moisturiser, but I appreciate that it was included anyway – every little helps! I have tried this under makeup, and I think it works well; it doesn’t interfere or sit on top of the skin and disrupt the foundation in any way, and it does a great job of hydrating the skin without leaving any residue behind.

*PR samples

So, they’re my thoughts on this range! Have you tried anything from it? Jess x




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