A Few Tips For Styling Your Blog & Instagram Photos


When it comes to blogging, it’s not so much about taking photos as it is making a photo. Anyone can take a bird’s eye shot of a lipstick, but styling your photos allows you to create a brand, to enhance your photography, and to evoke emotion within your reader. Styling my blog and Instagram photography has been quite the challenge for me, but I think I’m finally getting to grips with it! Continue reading “A Few Tips For Styling Your Blog & Instagram Photos”

My Skin, Body & Hair Care Favourites Throughout July


Us British folk don’t like to jinx things by talking all things summery too often, but as meteorlogically, our summer ends on the 31st of August, I’m going to write this blog post in the hopes that the bouts of sunny weather that allow us to enjoy al fresco dining, ’99s’ and clothing that actually bares our limbs will continue until then! I was planning on amalgamating both body/face/hair care and makeup in to this one post but I thought it best to separate the two for fear that this post would end up resembling a dissertation of sorts! Continue reading “My Skin, Body & Hair Care Favourites Throughout July”

How I Keep My Hair In Tip Top Condition


Whenever I (rarely, I might add) post any sort of selfie on my Instagram, I always seem to find that a lot of the comments are very hair-complimentary, so I thought this might be a post of interest! I don’t tend to use a lot of products, but I am very particular about what I use. I will also mention here that I cut my hair myself around once a month as it grows very quickly, and for reference, although I do have a lot of it, my hair is actually fairly fine with drier mid-to-lengths and roots that are prone to greasiness. Below are six things that I do to avoid damaging my hair in to oblivion!

For the most part, I stick to SLS and sulfate free shampoo formulas – Sulfates allow for that satisfying lather and foaming action which, while giving the impression that they’re really doing a great job at cleansing the hair, actually dry the hair and strip it of its natural oils. SLS-free shampoos are few and far between on the affordable side of things, but OGX and the Yes To sulfate free shampoos are a couple that I enjoy.

I avoid blow drying – Hair dryers really are my nemesis. Although convenient, I’ve always just thought of them as causing unnecessary hair damage. If you have a cool setting on yours, then that’s great, but for the rest of us, good old-fashioned air is your friend!

Using an AQUIS hair turban instead of normal towels – My AQUIS Hair Turban is one of my greatest beauty discoveries thus far. Continue reading “How I Keep My Hair In Tip Top Condition”

A Guide To Creating A Skincare Routine For Dry, Dehydrated Skin


Creating a skincare routine to suit your skin’s needs can be quite daunting if you’re not too well-versed in the ingredients used within skincare, and which ones are suited best for which skin concerns, so I thought I’d create a sort of basic 3-step skincare routine ‘cheat sheet’ for those of you with dry and/or dehydrated skin!

Cleansing – Your arsenal of cleansers should be sulphate/harsh surfactant free, and free of any foaming cleansers of any kind as they will strip your skin and exacerbate the dryness and dehydration. I’d suggest leaning more towards cleansing creams, oils and balms; all of which typically tend to be more nourishing. Unless absolutely necessary, try to stay away from wipes, as they tend to be formulated with lots of alcohol and soaked in harsh, potent preservatives to keep them moist. Another point worthy of mention here, is that you should be using luke-warm temperature when removing makeup or washing your face; nothing cooler, nothing hotter. Our skin isn’t designed to deal with thermal shocks such as being exposed to 40° water, so treat your skin kindly!

Exfoliating – This one is dependant on whether you favour physical/manual exfoliants, or chemical exfoliants. Regardless of whether your skin’s texture resembles that of the Sahara Desert, you should never use anything overly abrasive as it can cause micro-tears in the surface layer of the epidermis, which can also cause broken capillaries. Continue reading “A Guide To Creating A Skincare Routine For Dry, Dehydrated Skin”

A Sneak Peek Of The Clarins Autumn Makeup Collection, Review & Swatches

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*This collection was kindly sent to me by Clarins as PR sample

With every season that comes around, I’m always excited for Clarins’ seasonal releases. I love that they stay true to their classic, understated makeup roots, but also inject pops of colour from time to time in to their collections. I’m particularly excited about this Autumnal collection as it strays from the clichéd warm toned shadows and burnt orange hues that we’re all so used to seeing in this season, and instead offers something a little bit different. This collection is named ‘Graphik’ and will be available in August online and on counters. Continue reading “A Sneak Peek Of The Clarins Autumn Makeup Collection, Review & Swatches”

Three Unsung Beauty Heroes.


It can be all too easy to to be swept away with the excitement of new releases and giving in to the temptation of your ever growing influencer-enabled wish list, but I prefer to sing the praises of beauty underdogs, and so I thought I’d write a post on three of my favourite unsung beauty product heroes. I never really buy in to new releases anymore, and, to be honest, it’s quite a rarity for me to buy beauty products anymore that aren’t essentials or replacements; meaning that I get really great use out of everything, including these products! Continue reading “Three Unsung Beauty Heroes.”