My Favourite Beauty Instagrammers

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Perusing Instagram in the evening when anything that requires a smidgen too much concentration just isn’t going to happen is my ultimate escapism tactic. And while I don’t actually follow many accounts or even some of the accounts mentioned in this post, I do take a daily peek at them because as odd as it sounds, I like the element of surprise as opposed to having an abundance of posts in my home page. Today I’m honing in on my favourite beauty Instagrammers and there isn’t an over sculpted face or ‘Instagram brow’ in sight… Continue reading “My Favourite Beauty Instagrammers”


A Few October Lifestyle Favourites

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These kind of ‘non-beauty favourites’ posts don’t float around too often on this blog but these four thingamajigs are, quite frankly, just too good to not speak about. Oversized scarves are my JAM and so when I saw this beautiful charcoal and cadet grey striped scarf on ASOS recently, it arrived on my doorstep the very next day and without the exception of showering and sleeping, it’s pretty much been with me at all times. They weren’t exaggerating when they described it as oversized – I’ve also been utilising it as a blanket for those mid-afternoon naps. Slightly granny-ish, slightly amazing.   Continue reading “A Few October Lifestyle Favourites”