The New & Improved Clarins Double Serum | In-Depth Review


Buckle your seats, because this post is probably going to end up with a word count rivalling the likes of War & Peace.

I’ve long known about double serum, but have never even thought of investing in it because, quite frankly, I thought the price tag was ridiculous for a serum with a mineral oil base. However, I’d heard through the blogging grapevine that it had been reformulated and the ingredients list now omitted mineral oil, so I gladly said ‘YES!’ when asked if I’d like to try it by the lovely PR girls at Clarins. I really wanted to dedicate an entire post to this product, as I think with a skincare product of this complexity, anything else would be pretty pointless; there’s so much to discuss, and I didn’t want to miss anything out.

Firstly, I really appreciate that although this is one of the UK’s best-selling and most-loved skincare products, Clarins went back to the drawing board to see if any improvements could be made when customers, beauty insiders and bloggers made constructive criticisms surrounding the ingredients list. I think most brands would shove any dismissals or criticisms under the carpet, and so I really think that for a brand of Clarins’ size, that sort of attitude is commendable. Continue reading “The New & Improved Clarins Double Serum | In-Depth Review”


My Autumn Reading List


Although I will always reserve the greater part of my blog for beauty-related ramblings, I’d really like to begin sharing more book reviews; maybe a book club would be something of interest to you? Let me know! As an avid reader, I make my way through books awfully quickly and always have my nose stuck in either a historical or psychological thriller novel, and so I thought I’d share my current reading list with you. And actually, since writing this post two days ago, I’ve already made my way through the entirety of one – oops! Continue reading “My Autumn Reading List”

My Top Five High-End Foundations


Though I rarely wear a full face of foundation these days, my overflowing wardrobe of bases, tinted moisturisers and creams of the alphabet kind has been well and truly tried and tested over the years. Some of my absolute favourites have been discontinued along the way (Laura Mercier’s Silk Crème, I’m looking at you), but choosing my top five was pretty painless! Disclaimer: some of these ‘foundations’ aren’t strictly foundations, but they all offer the same sort of coverage, so I didn’t think I was cheating too much! Continue reading “My Top Five High-End Foundations”

My Autumnal Beauty Picks


Aside from the obligatory hoarding of garish animal print PJs, knitted slipper socks and autumnal candles, Autumn is my favourite season for makeup trends and brand releases! So in celebration of the arrival of the season, I thought I’d pull together a little edit of a few beauty products that are bound to make any Autumn-loving girl heart’s flutter! Continue reading “My Autumnal Beauty Picks”

My Current Evening Skincare Line-Up

AirBrush_20170903162602 (1)

My skincare routine really is a joy for me, and is a sort of ritual that allows me to fully unwind; particularly in the evenings. And although I know that my skin is mainly a result of the history of great skin within my genetic pool, I really do enjoy taking care of my skin and I notice a difference in the condition of it if I skip a few days of skincare. I’m really lucky to receive so many skincare products and releases as PR samples, so I do interchange my products quite a lot, although I do always do so slowly and allow at least a couple of weeks with just one new product in my routine before I share my thoughts!

I only really wear makeup a couple of times a week, and rarely wear foundation, so double cleansing isn’t all that necessary for me. I do, however, like to use cleansing balms as I like to do facial massages almost every day. My favourite one at the moment is the Vitage Essential Cleansing Balm; it’s fairly reminiscent of its Emma Hardie counterpart, but smells a lot nicer in my opinion! It’s a beautifully thick balm that smells of neroli and sweet rose, and has a great ingredients list, too.  Continue reading “My Current Evening Skincare Line-Up”

Inside The Look Fantastic Birthday Edit Box – September 2017


The lovely PR team at Look Fantastic very kindly sent over their September 2017 Birthday Edit box before its official release date, and so I’m here to give you an exclusive sneak peek in to the contents of said box, and the more intricate deets on pricing etc.

This box is to celebrate the 3rd birthday of the Look Fantastic Beauty Boxes, and has a total value of over £72. As is the case with most subscription boxes, the pricing is dependant upon your subscription plan. If you purchase this box as a one-time payment, it will be £15; if you sign up to a 6 month subscription, it will be £13.85 per month, and for a 12 month plan, it will cost you £13.

What’s inside the box? Continue reading “Inside The Look Fantastic Birthday Edit Box – September 2017”

The Hair & Body Oil That Smells Like Turkish Delight


I don’t often dedicate blog posts to just the one product, but if I feel particularly excited about a new release and what-not, I think it’s deserving of one. As such, I decided to write this post, and tell you all about the new OUAI Rose Hair & Body Oil! I feel as though I’ve spoken and raved about the original OUAI Hair Oil a bazillion times over now, so I was fairly certain I’d fall in love with this newest addition to the line, too. Continue reading “The Hair & Body Oil That Smells Like Turkish Delight”