The Best Of The Beauty Sale Picks

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By virtue of the fact that my last post was a review of an eye wateringly expensive eyeshadow palette, I thought I’d peruse through the interweb to try and find the best beauty sale picks; and let me tell you, I think I’ve found some really good’uns!

By Terry’s Ombre Blackstar shadow sticks 15.95 down from £29) This, along with the Charlotte Tilbury palette, is a product that I never thought I’d see listed as a clearance or sale item! I absolutely adore these shadow sticks and would highly recommend picking one up while stocks last; which I’m guessing won’t be long! Continue reading “The Best Of The Beauty Sale Picks”

Is Tom Ford’s Nude Dip Eyeshadow Palette Worth Its Price Tag?


This pricey lil pallete has now been residing within my makeup collection for about a year, and although it did cost me a pretty penny (£66 to be precise), it’s proven itself as a worthwhile purchase as it has fast become the apple of my eyeshadow drawer’s eye.

When spending over £60 on an eyeshadow quad, I feel it important to note how much product, gram for gram, you’re getting in exchange for your money. Of course, nothing is going to detract from the fact that this is a highly-priced palette but, the palette does offer 10g of product which, when compared to other offerings on the market such as Charlotte the Chanel and Charlotte Tilbury quads, is a good amount of product as they contain around 6g of product. So, although the price seems steeper than most initially, the price to product ratio is actually a lot better than most other high-end offerings. Continue reading “Is Tom Ford’s Nude Dip Eyeshadow Palette Worth Its Price Tag?”

A Cleanser & Moisturiser Duo For Under £10


Admittedly, I’m no real high street skincare-goer (aside from French pharmacy skincare goodies); mainly because a lot of ingredients tend to be a little questionable and the formulas ineffective, but I think I’ve found two real gems here. I’ve now been using them intermittently since May, and because I could see myself repurchasing them, I thought I’d write a post on them! Continue reading “A Cleanser & Moisturiser Duo For Under £10”

My No.1 Skincare Tip For Anyone, With Any Budget That You’re Probably Not Doing


I truly believe that aside from having a history of good skin within your genetic pool, facial massages are one of the keys to bettering your skin, slowing the aging process, brightening the complexion and lessening your use of foundations. I recently had a facial at a salon and although the facial massage was all very nice and relaxing, I actually love doing it myself in the comfort of my own home; whether that be whilst I’m watching something on Netflix in my bed, or in my bathroom with a youtube video on in the background! And while I personally like to massage until the cows come home wherever possible, a 2 minute facial massage is still a treat for your skin and, for when you have a little more time, a 10 minute one is even better. Continue reading “My No.1 Skincare Tip For Anyone, With Any Budget That You’re Probably Not Doing”

Three Indie Brands Worth A Try


As much as I love the cult-classic beauty favourites that are so often talked about and featured within the blogosphere, I find myself becoming more and more excited about discovering and supporting indie beauty brands as the years go on. There are so many to feature, but for now, I thought I’d just shed the spotlight on these three products from three fab indie brands that I think are worthy of anyone’s coins and support! Continue reading “Three Indie Brands Worth A Try”

A Guide To Pixi’s Glow Tonic, How It Works & Review


As a self-professed skincare fanatic; particularly with acid exfoliators, oils and cleansers, I think I’m fairly well-versed in the skincare department and so I thought I’d dedicate an entire post to this product, which has been a resident in my skincare drawer for a good year and a half now. It almost seems like tradition to begin these types of posts with a quick introduction to my skin type and why I use this product, so I’ll give a brief overview – my skin is very normal with a hint of dehydration, and I like liquid exfoliants because I have a few broken capillaries on my face so it’s a rarity for me to want to use a physical/manual exfoliator as I don’t want to exacerbate them or induce any more redness!

So, on to the product in question itself. This has become a cult-classic amongst bloggers, skincare experts and industry leaders within the skincare field and it’s almost instantly recognised by nearly all beauty bloggers by now I’d say! But just in case you’re not overly sure about what it is, or maybe you have an inkling but don’t really know too much about these kinds of products, I’ll do my best to summarise it without rambling or going off on a tangent! Glow tonic is a liquid exfoliant; liquid exfoliants are acids and are typically AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) or BHA (beta hydroxyl acid) based that are best applied by dousing a cotton pad and sweeping them over the skin after cleansing. Both are very different so it’s important to know which acid is in your chosen liquid exfoliant! AHAs are typically derived from fruits, milk and sugar and are often listed as lactic, malic or glycolic acid; the latter being the type of acid used in glow tonic. BHAs are typically listed as salicylic acid and while AHAs work to break down and dissolve dead skin cells, BHAs are oil-soluble, which makes them less appropriate for those with dullness or dry skin concerns, and more suited towards those with acneic or blemish-prone skin or an excessively oily skin type. So, glow tonic is an AHA based (glycolic – sugar cane derived) exfoliant, and is better suited for those will dullness, dryness and those with any pigmentation or scarring concerns. Continue reading “A Guide To Pixi’s Glow Tonic, How It Works & Review”