The Clarins Brand Focus


We all know Clarins, right? It’s a brand that probably sits within your mother and grandmother’s vanity drawer, and is, without a doubt, one of the most famous and well-known beauty brands on the market. And because my own collection of Clarins goodies is rather…well, overflowing, I thought I’d dedicate an entire blog post to celebrating the brand as a whole, and talking through the products themselves whilst rating them at the same time. Also worthy of note here, is that 96% of everything in my Clarins collection are PR samples, but I have since repurchased some of them, and secondly, I haven’t been able to feature everything because of sizing issues, but I have included most of my collection.

As this is a brand focus, I thought it only appropriate to start with a bit of historical context and begin with a brief history of the brand! So, Clarins was founded in 1954 by aΒ masseur called Jacques Courtin, and was initially just a luxury skincare brand. Jacques died in 2007, but his sons, Olivier and Christian, are still heavily involved in the company. Aside from remaining popular as ever 63 years later, one of the reasons that I love Clarins is that they don’t remain stagnant as so many other brands do; they’re never comfortable, and are always looking to improve. As a brand, they very much focus on ‘permanent innovation’ and say that, ‘even if a product is a best seller, the formula will be enriched and enhanced to deliver more quality, sensorial pleasure and beauty.’ This quotation leads me nicely on to the first product, which is a perfectly emblematic example of that! Continue reading “The Clarins Brand Focus”


Three Books Perfect For This Halloween


‘Tis the season for cocooning yourself in snuggly blankets, purchasing any edible goods infused with the flavour of pumpkin, and settling down with a good book, and so to celebrate Halloween, I thought I’d share three book recommendations that range from soft detective mystery thriller, to deeply disturbing; the first of which, being the latter. Continue reading “Three Books Perfect For This Halloween”

The New Clarins Cushion Foundation




*PR sample

This newly released foundation seems to have sparked some interest on my Instagram of late, and so I thought it was high time that I wrote up an in-depth post on it; detailing my thoughts on it, and the down low on the formula.

This is one of two new additions to the already existing everlasting foundation range; I was also kindly sent the new powder foundation to try, but it’s just not my cup of tea. This, however, is. And although I do really enjoy this foundation, and have been using it over the past month quite frequently, I do have a couple of quarrels with it; the first of which, being the price to product ratio. For 13ml of product (as we know, regular foundations typically contain 30ml), the price tag is Β£31. For me, Continue reading “The New Clarins Cushion Foundation”

Visiting The Harry Potter Studios |My Photos & Thoughts


Tris and I decided a couple of years ago that we weren’t going to give each other material, tangible gifts anymore; presents would either come in the form of an experience of some kind, or a trip away…you get the gist! So when my birthday rolled around this year in April, I didn’t have to mull it over for too long; it had to be the HP studios. And yes, April was half a year ago, but availability didn’t quite match up with our schedules because of the popularity of the studios, so here we are, in October, and we’ve finally been!

This isn’t going to be a review as such, because, in all honesty, reviewing things other than books and beauty products isn’t really my forte, shall we say! I just wanted to share some of my pictures, and a few of my thoughts.

OI000125harry potter 1OI000117

The special effects department was amazingly interesting. It’s quite difficult to explain without you going yourself and actually seeing the machinery, sculptures and technology they used, but the work that went in to each creature, goblin, insect, CGI-built scene is extraordinary.


I think the thing I took away from the studios most is not only a heightened love for all things HP, but I now have an understanding (and appreciation) for the intricacy and hard work that went in to every single little detail. For just one example, the huge mounds of rubble that we saw in the deathly hallows films were each individually painted and sculpted pieces of polystyrene, and took over 20 days to complete.

OI00012220170917_185923harry potter 2

This was really surreal for me – not sure why. It’s quite obvious when you think about it, but I’d never thought about it; that most of the sets we see in the films are just sets, and are all each individually located in one studio set. I loved seeing the Gryffindor Common Room – it made me feel so emosh. The studio, by the way, is actually just like one mahoosive warehouse!


Continue reading “Visiting The Harry Potter Studios |My Photos & Thoughts”

My Top Tips For A Productive Blogging/Work From Home Day


Working from home is tougher than it looks; luckily, I have a few tips for upping productivity levels (when sluggishness begins to creep in), which have worked in my favour over the past year or so!

Structure your day, and keep to a semi-flexible routine – Admittedly, sticking to an uncomprising, regimental-like schedule is fairly impossible as a freelancer as your work load differs from week to week, but I do think structuring your work days as you would in an office for example, is the best way to ensure maximum productivity. And however tempting it may be to leisurely wake up at 9am every morning, I find that waking up early is one of the best ways to make the most of your day, and to rid yourself of any sluggish tendencies. Structuring your day is also incredibly important if some tasks on your to-do list rely on certain times of the day; for example, some of my freelancing jobs revolve around content creation, and so I reserve 9am until lunch time for photography because that’s when the light is the easiest to work with.

Use a weekly planner – There are so many free printable weekly/daily/monthly planners available online, and so there really is no excuse for at least trying it out. Weekly printable planners really are my saving grace, and they just mean that I can clearly see my weekly workload, which is such a huge help. Continue reading “My Top Tips For A Productive Blogging/Work From Home Day”